A toast for the Knight of the Castle!

Aiya Erutulco!

My dear buddy from Uruguay who had already contributed with great material here in Quenya101, solved the challenge left few days ago! He accessed(!?) the Quenya101 home page in Tengwar as it can be seen in the picture!

Well done, dude!!!!

Now time for your prize! So…as promised, send me your full address through email or DM and I’ll pack a gift from Quenya101 Language Institute as a token of your accomplishment!

What is the gift? Surprise, surprise! But as you are a Tolkien/Quenya fan, I’m absolutely sure you’re gonna love it!

However, as I know people will starve for answers, I ask you to share with everyone else here through reply, how you made the trick, how you became anointed as Knight of the Castle! 😀


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8 responses to “A toast for the Knight of the Castle!

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  4. To Joaquingatica you are very very astute. I don’t think I can emphasise how clever you are. Quenya101, you are really sneaky 😛 That was a really hard easter egg, at first I though that it had something to do with your Quenya course, after a bit of clicking, it was obvious I was going in the wrong direction. After a bit of exploring round the site, I gave up 🙂 Congratulations Joa for finding it!

    • Nice to hear from you and what you tried!

      Actually if you think about it…that was a really easy Easter Egg. The answer was there in the post. You didn’t need to understand deeply about computers, programming and so on. You didn’t even need to look for everywhere in the site to find it.

      It was all there!

  5. Wow!! Hantanyel! I’ll explain now the “solution” to the challenge. (Sorry if my english is bad).

    At first I didn´t have a clue of the solution. I tried several things: https://quenya101.com/tengwar, https://quenya101.com/intengwar, http://tengwar.quenya101.com, and so on… Finally I gave up.

    Then I though that the same image that Erunno uploaded in the post could be used to ‘fake’ the tengwar site. But that didn’t seem right to me, and so i put in this comment: https://quenya101.com/2011/11/30/king-of-the-castle-master-of-the-domain/comment-page-1/#comment-847.

    Then Erunno answered: “That wouldn’t be that bad, would it?”, and in THAT moment I realized that the so called ‘fake’ was indeed the answer. After that I only had to make a ‘believable fake’. So, with the above mentioned image, I made an HTML site that with that intention. And the result is what you can see in the pics taken.

    If someone in interested, here are the files I used for the ‘trick/fake/answer/solution’. 🙂


    Again, thanks to Erunno for this challenge! I can’t wait to open the prize; and surely I’ll be amazed! Of course, I will comment about it here.


    • Yes Yes Yes!

      You smashed it!

      What you call “fake” answer…I call creative answer!

      That was the challenge! It’s not about high-tech prowess, but creating something out of nothing! (Tolkien did that a lot!) 😀

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