Elven girls and their pointy ears

To celebrate the female beauty in all its splendor, to pay homage to this sculpture of Eru made solemnly to bring happiness to a man’s heart and eyes, I present here a collection of elven ladies who with their cute pointy ears, express and exhale their charm, their enchantment, their gift, a perfume to the soul and a relief to the spirit.

Nice girls, nice pointy ears, huh? Yeah..I was looking at th….WHAT???

REAL life elf ears? I saw that and right away I said: Yeah, right! But then I dug a bit and next thing I was saying: “Holy elvish cow!”



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7 responses to “Elven girls and their pointy ears

  1. Catherine leslie-Faye

    I wish I could afford to put points on my ears… will have to save up for it along with thedental work I need done.

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  3. I still wonder why the LOTR movies put pointy ears to elves, when Tolkien never states that they had it like that… I may be mistaken though…

  4. wow! are these Ears real? just like what They say ” with surgery all things possible” :D, by the way, They’re really cute with pointy ears. but it’s must be painfull.
    thanks forthe the post ^^

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