Tease me now! The Hobbit trailer!

It’s 1 year to go….my Preciousss…1 year!

…and there’s nothing left to say!


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6 responses to “Tease me now! The Hobbit trailer!

  1. One More year Just one year ahhhh! I can’t wait anymore. I want to watch it now. Swear To Valar I’ll be the first one in Thailand who watch it! 😀

  2. The whole one year! *_* Oh dear Eru, I want it already

  3. Ohh booy! I’ve waited so long for this movie.. Seriously! Even tho the trailer was quite disappointing to me, but it’s ok. It doesn’t seem like a movie for everybody but for people who has seen and loved The Lord of the Rings.

    • I am marveled by this trailer!

      I don’t like all those crazy spoilers Internet can give you these days, but now at last, a true official trailer has come out!

      This is it! Let the Hobbit adventure come!

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