How to learn 24 languages at once (including Quenya)

Swadesh list! It’s no secret how to! But what is a Swadesh list? It’s a list developed by Morris Swadesh containing some basic vocabulary of several languages. Basically, it’s a banquet for the curious mind!

My buddy from Mexico (full of great people by the way), Motanz created this particular Swadesh list shared here and he asked me if I could help with the Quenya column! OF COURSE, my horse, I said! Whatever it takes to help people learning Quenya, I’ll do it with pleasure!

So, if you are interested in: Español, Català, Português, Talossan, Română, Français, Esperanto, Nederlands, Deutsch, Dansk, Svenska, Íslenska, Русский язык, Čeština, Polski, Gaeilge, Euskara, Magyar, Türkçe, 한국어, Nāhuatlahtōlli, tlhIngan Hol, English….and….QUENYA; well dig in! The list was made for you!

Get the file here: Swadesh List

If your mother tongue is not among those mentioned above, please, we invite you to help building up and improving this list! Why not, huh? Your contribution will be much appreciated and certainly credits will be given!

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8 responses to “How to learn 24 languages at once (including Quenya)

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  2. brihtuhn

    Kup-hau nash-veh gen-lis t’T’Khasi ik Vuhlkansu. Hi, vun-shatau n’ovsot-feim na’vi. Nìvingkap, kop lì’fyati le Na’vi new soak? (I can add Vulcan. But, to whom must I send the completed list? BTW, to you also want Na’vi?)

    • Send it to me!

      Thanks a lot man! I was thinking about Gol-Vuhlkansu and how nice it would be to have it alongside Klingon which is already there!

      Na’vi would be awesome too!!!!

      I’m happy you want to contribute!!! 🙂

      • brihtuhn

        Please just let me know where to e-mail the completed spreadsheet.

        Lì’fyari leNa’vi skxakep ke fkeytatsok lì’u a’a’awa ha zene fkol sar säfpìlit fu tsalì’ut lesngä’i a ta ’Ìnglìsì fa lì’upam nìNa’vi. (For the Na’vi there will likely be several words with no cognates, so the original idea or English word pronounced in Na’vi will have to be used.) Na’viri reyfya sawtuteyä ’Rrtayä lu keteng nìpxi. (The Na’vi way of life is quite distinct from that of the skypeople of Arda.)

        • Hehehehe skypeople of Arda!!! hehehehe I liked it!

          Starpeople would be cool too!

          Send to my email. That one where we talked through before!

          No problem if there are no equivalent words in Na’vi for some of them. That happened with Quenya also and I introduced no etymological composition because I wanted to keep as close as possible to Tolkien attested words.

  3. even eperanto? simply amazing

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