Á hauta Hrívessë…

The one who writes for you here

For 333 days, you have read nonstop my posts here about Tolkien & stuff. I’m very glad you have been enjoying the ride! But now…this is a break. January has come (a special month when people rests) and I will take my rest for a month to enjoy this snowy season while I watch NFL playoffs.

What does that mean? Will cobwebs pop up here?

NO! I plan to update all the current long request lines in How Do We Say (…) In Quenya? & Names. It bugs me a lot, not being able to answer everyone quicker (but I’m just 1!) This pause here in the posts will help me to organize my time and creativity flow, to be directed to those parts mostly.

I will also come up with  new structure and courses at the section Smart Course. Time to head for new stuff, right?

So…as you can see, no cobwebs here! Just a lil’ break to stretch the legs, you know…

Stay tuned for all the upcoming updates in the other pages here, and see you in February!

PS: 333 days is purely a coincidence! We’re not halfway to the Beast.


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7 responses to “Á hauta Hrívessë…

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  2. brihtuhn

    Sanoi ta ma n’wiskanital’es ik gla-tor n’olimuk. Sochya-bosh-shom na’du.
    It is very agreeable to have the opportunity to behold your honorable visage. A peaceful rest to you.

  3. Enjoy your holiday! We’ll miss you 😛

  4. Do take your time and enjoy the rest! Your labour is appreciated. 🙂

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