A Varda, Elentári!


Je suis revenu, volví, ich bin zurück, voltei….I’m back! And pretty glad to be so! Did you miss me? Well…I DID miss you! You know, it was a bit tough to be on vacation here because sometimes I had the super interesting post to write, but…HUH-HUH….hold it hold it…not now, not right now.

Anyway, during January I could work many many names & sentences requested here and the line is much better now. That was a relief! I hope you have enjoyed it!

Now, enough of talking and let’s get back to business! To celebrate the best month of all (snow ratio being considered here), I present to you the translation from English to Quenya of the poem Snow-White, O Lady Clear! made by Erutulco (a.k.a. Knight of the Castle) and revised by me. This poem is found in The Lord of the Rings, Book I, Chapter III. Enjoy it!

Original Text

Snow-white! Snow-white! O Lady clear!
O Queen beyond the Western Seas
O Light to us that wander here
Amid the world of woven trees!

Gilthoniel! O Elbereth!
Clear are the eyes and bright thy breath!
Snow-white! Snow-white! We sing to thee
In a far land beyond the Sea.

O stars that in the Sunless Year
With shining hand by her were sown,
In windy fields now bright and clear
We see your silver blossom blown!

O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!
We still remember, we who dwell
In this far land beneath the trees,
Thy starlight on the Western Seas.

Quenya text

Lossë! Lossë! A Heri vanima!
A Tári Eäri Númenyë pella
A Cala menna i sissë ranya
Mici Ambar lanyainë aldaiva!

Elentári! A Varda!
I hendu nár vanimë ar hwestalya calima!
Lossë! Lossë! Lirilmë lyen
Haira Nóressë i Eär pella.

A eleni yar ú Anaro Loassë
Yo cálala má rendes
Wanwavoisi restassen sí calimë ar vanimë
Cenilmë silma lohtelya vávaina!

A Varda! Elentári!
Er enyalilmë, me i marir
Haira nóressë sina undu i aldar,
Silmelya i Númenyë Eärissen.

Do you want more? Check the full analysis by Erutulco here


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17 responses to “A Varda, Elentári!

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  4. Beautiful! Congratulations!

    One comment if I may…

    I would leave the Sindarin vocations as is. They’re “in foreign language” in the original, so would they remain in the translation.

    In the early days in Beleriand, following the exile of the Noldor, Quenya and Sindarin coexisted for a while. A Noldo poet/lore master may very well have heard, liked and translated this poem into his own tongue, keeping “O Elbereth Gilthoniel” as is for sake of its beauty. 😉

    • You DO have a point! Elbereth Gilthoniel is a beautiful name in Sindarin for Varda Elentári. Surely, that could be kept as it is.

      But what did Singollo do? He banned Quenya from the whole of Beleriand! He didn’t keep it as it is! So, let’s ban Sindarin too!!! That will teach him a lesson! 😛 🙂 😀

      (Just kidding)

      Erutulco translated the poem and he chose to write down the Quenya forms of those names. I like what he did and most likely I’d have done the same for the sake of “teaching Singollo a lesson”

      • Haha nice! I agree that I could have left the Sindarin names, and I thought about it. But I chose to translate them for three reasons:
        1) Consistency in the poem (though it’s not wrong to do otherwise)
        2) Varda and Elentári are the original names of that Valië in the High Language of the Blessed Realm. Sindarin names are given after the Exile, and they are a translation from the original Quenya names (or so I believe).
        3) There’s the other shorter ‘O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!’ poem that is sung in Rivendell, and it is entirely in Sindarin, so we already had 2 poems with this phrase. I just wanted be able to distinguish them a bit.

        Anyway, I must agree that Elbereth and Gilthoniel are BEAUTIFUL names indeed.

      • Haha! That also. I hope he is reading this in Mandos! (besides, I wonder what language is used there; I bet it’s Quenya haha)

      • You got me there! Screw that arrogant Singollo! I draw! Down with Elwë and his degenerated tongue! :p :))

        Re-reading Of Beren and Lúthien /just now/ I could need no better reasoning! 😀

  5. Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your rest. The Snow-White Tengwar is awesome!

  6. Man, I really appreciate you posting it here! Hope people like it. Thanks again for your help in the correction. BTW, the Tengwar transcription is awesome!

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