Year 2 begins

Today, exactly 1 year ago…Quenya101 opened its doors! Today is a day of celebration!

To mark the date, you will notice a little change in the header of the site! I think it’s about time to come up with some logo, right?

So here I present Quenya101™ as you have never seen before:

I hope this humble design of mine (I am not good at computer stuff) would translate the essence of what I try to achieve here, namely join people together and improve everyone’s knowledge of this superb language. Would you like to help me out with this challenge? So, jump in and let’s do it!

1 whole year thanking you for all the support!


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10 responses to “Year 2 begins

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  5. I’ve found this website by Coincidence while I’m searching for information about quenya in Google. in here I saw everything i wanted to know and so I’m not hesitate to be the member of this website. Thanks for all amazing stuff here and Congratulations 😀

    p.s. I know it’s kind of late,sorry

  6. Congratulations! This site has grown SO much in just one year. Hope it will continue growing. Thanks for all your amazing work here, Erunno! The Professor would be proud 🙂

    • I think about this everyday!!! We need to make it worthy of him! This is a insurmountable task of course, but as Tolkiendilli…we shall try!

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