Super Bowl XLVI (elvishly speaking)

Yesterday! What a day! Super Bowl Sunday is always A day. I’m sorry if you’re not into sports, but this gotta be posted here (with that nice little elvish touch of Quenya101).

I was kinda sad that my team (Packers) didn’t make it to the Super Bowl even though they won 15 out of 16 games during the season. And what bugged me more, was the fact the once again (just like 2007) it was the Giants who had defeated them in the playoffs.

But as the Patriots were there…you know….Go Giants Go! And they won! Against all odds (not in my opinion), they beat Mr. Bündchen and their “so perfect offense”.

Ok. If you don’t like Football, you may be thinking right now: “WTFFF? I thought I was in a Quenya site, not a NFL one!” Don’t despair, my elvish friend! You well know how I twist topics into a way to make them BANG…….united as one! (Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t…but devil is in the details, right?)

Enough of the rambling! Let’s learn Quenya! Take a look below at the amazing New York Giants Ass Touchdown and get to know Body Parts! (with a couple of football equipment as a bonus).


Now here’s the trick! The names are written in Tengwar! Can you write them down using Roman alphabet? Consider it as an exercise to train your reading skills! If you can, leave a reply here and let’s see if you got them right!!!


for the ones really interested in Football like me, let’s remember and rejoice with the scene above in motion…(unless you are a Patriots fan…..desolé)

Kudos for

Vinya Malinornos Norsar a.k.a. New York Giants



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7 responses to “Super Bowl XLVI (elvishly speaking)

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  2. I’m about to join and give you answer but guy above has alredy given and all corrected(which is completely different from mine 555). I’ve ever read your topic once about football and then I gotta know You’re Greenbay Packer’s fan(I’ve no idea). But I’m Patriot’s fan :D. I’ve not watch Football so often ’cause the matter of time (when they playing In Thailand is dawn which a golden time for me…. to sleep :D). and there’s some quetion i wanted to know for long time .I’ve been reading comments in many website about their view on Patriots and most of them showed the dislike to this team. Can You tell me why is that? I really wanna know. (sorry if it’s to long :D)


    • Sure! People usually don’t like Patriots because of their recent history. There was the Spygate case for instance (when B.Belichick spied with cameras the New York Jets defensive coaches signs.) and there’s always this arrogance aura coming from them like they are unbeatable or something, they’re the perfect team with the perfect QB and nobody can defeat them. Sure, they won 3 Super Bowls the last decade and they are a good team, but the NFL is made of other 31 teams that can be better than them!

  3. Is “antúra tolpo” super bowl? Is there a word for bowl?!

  4. cár – “head” | cassa – “helmet” | ranco – “arm” | coron – “ball” | pontë – “rear” | ólemë – “elbow” | telco – “leg” | tallunë – “sole of foot” | occa – “knee” | tál – “foot”

    And there’s an arrow pointing to a hand, but with no label. I guess it should say “má” in Tengwar (malta + “a” tehtar over long carrier).

    Excelent post and congrats for the Giants win!!!

    • You’re absolutely right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      All correct, including the “invisible” hand there! I corrected the image but uploaded the wrong one!

      I shall fix it!

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