Ainulindalë V


5th page is among us! The most colorful page of them all so far. Archaeologists suggest that possibly the inks and designs were added much later than its actual writing. Scholars believe that Pengolod was the author but no real evidence on the matter is left for us. I tried to interview Rúmil the great Loremaster (who would help to clarify the matter and lives 2 blocks from my home here in Valinor) but he’s on vacation in Tol Eressëa Beach Resort, so I couldn’t have his expert opinion and evaluation.

Nevermind all the speculation, Ainulindalë Quenyanna Page 5 is now available for you! In this page we can read about the deep conversation between Ilúvatar and Ulmo; and also all the glory and beauty of Water, magnified by the evil deeds of Melkor.

Its analysis will come soon at Ainulindalë Quenyanna page, so don’t miss it! Stay tuned and learn more about the lore of old….


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