A token of knighthood

Erutulco, i roquen taraso!

As you may be aware of, Erutulco has solved the challenge proposed here and as promised, he received a gift for the deed!

What you see above, is the T-shirt sent to him to celebrate his knighthood! Now Erutulco, not only is, but has the token to prove he is officially a knight of the castle!

My girlfriend helped out with this plan, by getting this artwork done in São Paulo, Brazil where I should have been last January…but my plans were frustrated! So…I had the idea, she got it done and the final result was this:

The colors were all based in Uruguay flag. That particular artist was chosen (I think his name is Juarez, I can’t remember exactly) because I have already seen him in action and he’s goddamn good! He sorta tattoos T-shirts, so I wanted him to produce that piece of art.

And maybe…maybe….this is the 1st T-shirt coming out from Quenya101. Who knows what the future may bring, right?

Erutulco / Quenya101.com

Erutulco, the knight of the castle.

Mission accomplished! Promised & fulfilled!



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9 responses to “A token of knighthood

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  2. That’s looks Great! I really wanna have it!! great job

  3. What an amazing prize. It looks awesome!

  4. I must say the t-shirt is REALLY awesome!

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