What would Angry Legolas say?

Do you think Legolas is a cool nice guy? Think twice, because when Legolas gets angry, gets bitchy…oh boy…heads up, clear the way for Angry Legolas, because he’s coming and nothing can stop his fury!

But Legolas is an easy-going fellow, you know… there’s no secret. You just need to avoid making wrong statements and then Angry Legolas will never show up.

Here’s the 10 commandments to prevent that the wrath of Angry Legolas rests upon you:

  • Do not want to learn Elvish.
  • Do not speak Tengwar.
  • Do not wave to your mom and school friends while pretending to know anything about Tolkien, elvish languages and the like, when you clearly don’t.
  • Do not celebrate Bilbo & Frodo’s birthday in September, 22nd.
  • Do not simply ignore á, é, í, ó, ú, ë, ä, ö in Quenya.
  • Do not learn Quenya to show off. It is about the passion.
  • Do not charge money for translations. Knowledge needs to be shared, not charged.
  • Do not watch Lord of the Rings movies just to see beautiful elves’ faces. There are contents you’re missing.
  • Do not post images of the Witch King of Angmar with the sayings: ‘Sauron’.
  • Do not tattoo something you don’t know how to write and read.

And you know the saying: A image is worth a thousand words, so:

What would Angry Legolas say with elvish memes?

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