The Forest Whispers My Name

I taurë lussa essenya! This song gives me shivers every time I listen to it. Because of that, I chose to use that song as a source of Quenya teaching even before I have founded this site, between August, 2010 & January 2011 (older fellows may remember this Quenya101 pre-history).  I chose Cradle of Filth not because is that much popular among elves here in Valinor, but its dark poetry might taste good to some restless Noldor.

Question unanswered: Is Dani filth a dark elf or a white orc?

So, I wrote bit by bit, line by line, a Quenya translation of it and added some impact images that would translate the general feeling I got from the particular sentence. After, I taught my first followers on Twitter, the meaning of the words and voilà…Quenya teaching 1 on 1.

But times have changed. I created the site, poured much material in it, and left behind this simple “project”. I went as far as half the song and never got back to it. It’s alright…after all there are better ways to teach Quenya, aren’t there?

Below, check the hidden and never released altogether imagery of I taurë lussa essenya…



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5 responses to “The Forest Whispers My Name

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  2. Ah, did not have clear. Ok, but you know some words in Sindarin?
    I hope your answer ……Most obtain them by reading the appendix of The Silmarillion.

  3. Quenya, you know the Sindarin alphabet? I know some words, necessary to speak the alphabet, but not to talk them all the days. Maegovannen!

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