There is a light that never goes out…

She did it!

…it’s a light in Jenifer’s body!

With great joy of heart, I announce the enlightenment of Jenifer’s skin and due to the beauty thereof, she is absolutely and positively taken part of the prime selected club composed by The One & The One In Female Form. So, from now on, she will be called Enlightened Jennie. (or The One With The Light)

Jenifer Lamadrid

There she is! Jenifer Lamadrid from La Florida asked me here some time ago this particular sentence from The Smiths (There is a light that never goes out). She waited patiently for it (you know the drill) and in time she got answered. I loved her request as I myself am a huge fan of them. But here was the trick in it. She really wanted to have it tattooed and the result you see now with your own eyes. The beauty of Jenifer’s body is enhanced for the joy of all Quenya-speakers elves. Way to go, Enlightened Jennie! May the light of your path never goes out!




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19 responses to “There is a light that never goes out…

  1. Jordan

    Hello, I noticed that you translated ‘light’ here as ‘cala’ but in other translation, you used ‘cálë’. I’ve searched high and low for a difference and all I could find was that ‘cálë’ was used as a noun from one the last iterations of the ‘Oilima Markirya’ poem Tolkien wrote during the last decade of his life which was published in “The Monsters and Crititics”. What’s the difference between the two uses? I can’t seem to figure it out. Please help ease my ever turning brain on this matter. I’ve also just recently discovered your site and I’m just now finding Quenya fascinating to learn. Thanks for putting this site together.

    • There is no difference, Jordan. They are simply synonyms. You can choose any of them when referring to noun “light”. Just like you can say “cell” phone or “mobile” phone, right? Same thing.

      I’m the one who thank you for enjoying Quenya101 and being around! Thank you!!!!

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