There is a light that never goes out…

She did it!

…it’s a light in Jenifer’s body!

With great joy of heart, I announce the enlightenment of Jenifer’s skin and due to the beauty thereof, she is absolutely and positively taken part of the prime selected club composed by The One & The One In Female Form. So, from now on, she will be called Enlightened Jennie. (or The One With The Light)

Jenifer Lamadrid

There she is! Jenifer Lamadrid from La Florida asked me here some time ago this particular sentence from The Smiths (There is a light that never goes out). She waited patiently for it (you know the drill) and in time she got answered. I loved her request as I myself am a huge fan of them. But here was the trick in it. She really wanted to have it tattooed and the result you see now with your own eyes. The beauty of Jenifer’s body is enhanced for the joy of all Quenya-speakers elves. Way to go, Enlightened Jennie! May the light of your path never goes out!




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17 responses to “There is a light that never goes out…

  1. Crystal jimenez

    I would like to know if there was any way possible to get this translated to Tengwar

    Earth my body
    Water my blood
    Air my breath
    Fire my spirit

    It’s a Wiccan creed that I have wanted tattooed for years but I don’t want to do it wrong .. Thanks for your time

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  9. every time I see this I smile! Thank you all for the compliments and thank you so much for taking the time to translate it.

  10. Erunno, yeah I get what you say about tattoos being permanent and us being on a constant state of change through life. I can imagine getting my girlfriend’s name tattooed across my chest and end up marrying someone else… “Grand-dad, Grand-dad, who is Sasha? Is that Grand-ma Betty’s middle name?” 😛 Well, I think I have led a pretty safe life and you know, I wanna do something different and amma sure post it up right here! \m/_

  11. I’m envious Jennie! That’s pretty neat Tengwar ink-work you got there, hoping to get some of my own as well 🙂

  12. what a beautiful tattoo!! and it’s meaning either very impressive. i always wants to do that( i mean having a Quenya tattoo) but i always afraid i’ll get hurt 555

    • I like tattoos but I’m not the type of person who gets one. There’s something about it being permanent, that I don’t like it. We are mutating beings….things change.

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