Aranië Finnórë (Suomen Tasavalta)

After long vacations, I come back with one more map for the collection! (Argentina, Latvia, Singapore & Spain)


Finland was chosen this time because since January 2012, it has become the country with most elves in the whole Earth! Latvia used to be a good place to spot elves, but now Finland is the ultimate destination! It’s less the 2,000 men per elf. Kudos for Suomi!


This map was kinda hard, because I have no knowledge of Finnish, so I had to research carefully every single detail. Lots of regions got “north” on their names (Why is that??? – I wonder…:P ) and that made the whole process a bit easier. When the etymology was not available, orthography also helped, after all Quenya is 1/3 based on Finnish.

Well…behold Aranië Finnórë (the country we own a lot)


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