Quenya Masters

Quenya101 is hiring!

It has come to my attention that this site has been achieving its goal pretty much nicely since it started.

Goal: Spread Quenya knowledge, join together people who love the language and help everyone willing, to learn Quenya grammar in order to use it correctly. Ooooo …and have fun in the process. 😀

But up to this day, there is only me here, Erunno Alcarinollo, the Headmaster. You only read me. My words, my voice. Things will change a little bit. I announce that Quenya101 Language Institute is from now on, hiring new Quenya masters to enrich its wells of knowledge, to spread further beyond its boundaries. Let’s hear from different parts of the world, different people, different voices, with the same eagerness and genuine love of the language our Master Tolkien developed.


  •  Access to admin panel control where you will be able to WRITE YOUR OWN POSTS whenever you want. Did you translate a poem? Did you find something über interesting about Tolkien & Quenya? Have you got funny stuff you’d like to share? POST IT! You got the power to do so!
  • Special signature designed according to you, your Quenya name and what you stand for this Institution. Consider it as a gift.
  • Unique email with your Quenya name + @quenya101.com. How cool is that? Now that you are part of the team, part of the corporation, you deserve a proper business email for the job, huh?
  • Recognition. It’s not about money, personal gain, lust, greed…the world is already too full of it! It sucks! Be recognized by what you give to others, the seeds you plant.
  • Special Prizes. As you can see, Quenya101 Language Institute is changing everyday. As an official Quenya Master, you will have access BEFORE!  Whatever future holds, it will come sooner for you!


  • You must not like Quenya. You must LOVE it.
  • Certain amount of knowledge as well as skills. You don’t need to be any scholar. With a little reading here and studying there,  you’ll get what is needed to understand, write, read and know Quenya.
  • Activity. You must be an active follower here. Comments is a way of measuring it. Clicks, likes, feedbacks…everything counts! Also, when you become an official Quenya Master you’ll need to write at least, at very least, 1 post per month.
  • Contribution. If you have already contributed with material, translations, designs…anything to Quenya101…you got valuable points in you resumé. That is the fundamental step to become a Quenya Master: CONTRIBUTE!
  • Creativity! Be crazy! Be new! Be interesting! The post is yours! If you like writing, here’s the golden chance! Tolkien fans are waiting for you!

If you wanna apply for the spot, please write to erunno@quenya101.com and we will consider your resumé and qualifications.



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21 responses to “Quenya Masters

  1. Olordil

    Nanyë sí er hoa istyacoassë* mal MELIN Quenya ilya exa lambë pella ar ÓLA nin ëa ólë ar immo esta Quenyaheru! Hantanyel pan opólien parë tyellenna sina er as manielya! Máriessë!

    • Melinyes ve melilyes! Quenya ná melima! I lambë ya mára fëaryassë. I ehtelë vanessëo.

      • Olordil

        Ivistien cilmenya, anda lú apa. Nával máravë, Quenya melima ná, mal elyë ar Quenya101 lenya – umir. Ilqua áhyië írë apantielyë Telpecoalya.

        Umilyë ambë anta melmelya Quenyava ana Quenya101, sí hirin sís er vinyë maquetier cendarolyallon. Lúmi ahyëar lintavë. Umilyë ambë návë lambelya, yuhtalyë raici quettar, an istalyë sa cendarolyar úvar ista naiteta ya etéciel. I istar quetë Quenya, ve inyë, nyerir. (Enévien lussen térata nortolyar, mal úmielyen hlarë.) Umilyë ambë hlarë ya cendarolyar quetir, ar qui entecilyë, nas mentië nonwava, mentaina neldë loaron epë.

        Umilyes ambë carë MELMELLO. Carilyes TELPELLO.

        Nai húna nauva Quenya101, ar elyë, Erunno Alcarinollo, ar nai lantuva lómin Mornórëo coalyanna. Heca. Qui meruval, áva entecë, a Valarauco.

        • Allow me to express myself in this particular comment in English as I intend to let no room for misunderstandings and wish to avoid any hindrance in the comprehension of the message I’m conveying here.

          Firstly, thank you very much for expressing your opinion and idea here in Quenya101.
          Secondly, although I do not understand the real reason for your sour words, you are entitled of thinking and expressing the way you do as long as you don’t promote the generally known as “hate speech” (and this is not the case of course)
          Thirdly, here are some reasonings that I share with people from time to time when they lack some inside knowledge of what Quenya means to me and what Quenya101 is all about:

          -If you’re irritated due to the time I take to answer free requests (or to publish things, answer comments, etc), I’m sorry. There are many people requesting, many posts to publish, many pages to manage and many comments to answer just like this one of yours. As I have a regular common life and that comes along with a job, friends, spirituality, family, wife, leisure time (and that’s where Quenya101 comes), I need to be realistic and balance how much time I spend here. Sometimes I don’t find satisfied with it and I wanted to spend MORE and MORE time but that’s not possible and I clearly see that I already spend too much. I really need to keep focused in things that are more important than this hobby. I hope you understand all that and forgives me if I cannot deliver the thing you want in the time you feel like getting it.

          • If you’re irritated because I am incompetent in managing the site more efficiently and greedy as I’m here only for the money, well here is the thing: Quenya101 is my hobby. It’s not my job and I cannot provide to myself and wife financially through it. Quenya101 is just a way that I developed to let my passion run free while I help people who share the same feeling I have. I started through MSN teaching my friends not because I wanted to make money, I just wanted to teach and spread Quenya. Then, I started to teach people around the world through Twitter not because I wanted to make money, I just wanted to further spread Quenya and reach more and more people. Then, they themselves suggested the creation of a site where I’d be able to make it better. And I made it. Quenya101 was the best way to do what I was already doing which is spreading and teaching Quenya, NOT making money. So, seriously…am I here for the money? If you think that, I’m sorry to inform that you are sorely mistaken.

          -If you’re irritated because you somehow are expecting to be invited to become a Quenya Master, well sorry. The only thing I can say to make amends is: Same way you have the right to express freely your discontentment concerning Quenya101, I have the right to invite or not anyone I want to become officially a member of Quenya101. I used that right in the past and may use it in the future. When we all understand the rights of others and respect that, we deal better with unexpected situations that could bring us many frustrations, don’t we?

          Well, I guess that’s it. I hope my words could bring some enlightenment to you and make you less irritated about any harm that Quenya101 may have caused you.

          Thank you for your time.

  2. Nas maira! Mára casta querë amba maitë.

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  6. Why I am afraid of the IELTS? Hmmm… I guess it is still too difficult for me, but I’ll try…

    You see, there are not many subscribers from Russia, and I believe they already know these poems. But if you want I can send you some. Also, we have few interesting things like a rock-opera called „Finrod-song”, which is known probably by every Tolkien fan in Russia… but still it isn’t very interesting when you don’t understand anything, is it?

    By the way, I was thinking of translating the map of Russia to Quenya (you remember, like it is already done with the map of Latvia) but I am not sure yet when I can finish it.

    Ok, so I’ll send you something you may like by the e-mail. Tell me: do you need an English translation of Russian poems? (I guess I won’t make it completely correct but well, at least it can be understandable)

    • Owww I do need a translation from Russian to English! For sure! I won’t be able to understand a thing!

      Very cool you got this Russia map project! Please keep it up! I would love to lay eyes on it and share with everyone else here! (+1 as contribution from you)

      I don’t know this Finrod opera and that’s certainly one thing I’d like to check closely. Pretty interesting!

      As far as I can see…you’re on the right path to become a Quenya Master (and also getting your IELTS). Go for it, girl!

  7. Of course I understand. But still… I’m going to pass the IELTS test in May (oh dear Eru, I’m afraid of it) and then study in the UK so I hope to boost my language skills soon. And if you have a vacancy by then… I’d certainly try to apply 🙂
    By the way, are you interested in some Quenya poems or songs? I guess they aren’t perfectly correct, but… I’m just asking because there are few of them commonly known (and made as well) by the Russian fandom. ..Actually there are LOTS of beautiful poems about Arda but I can’t share them because they are Russian… oh why… and how painful it is. =(

    • So, you’re good to go concerning English. Why are you afraid of it?

      Tell me: Why can’t you share them??? Please do! If they are in Russian, that’s even cooler!

      Quenya101 is open to all languages! We have already had posts here in Spanish & Portuguese. Several languages appear at Poem & Prose! It would be super cool to have Russian brought by you here!

      Also, it may start as a contribution for your account, in order to become a Quenya Master.

  8. Oh well… It would be really nice if I just knew English good enough, but I suppose I do not.

    • Unfortunately, due to a communication issue, English is very important! After all, it’s the lingua franca and without it, we wouldn’t be able to talk!

  9. I’m as close to being a master as Gollum to a Vala but parts of certain conditions sought apparently meet my qualifications to some extent. Loving Quenya is the only requirement I fully -and maybe even more that that!- meet; I have a certain amount of knowledge and skills, when summed up might weigh a teaspoon load; being a scholar is not required but I hope I may use being a Classics (Classical Greek & Latin) student with some knowledge of Farsi as joker…

    The contribution part is what I dread, because I’m one of the laziest and disorganised of all speaking peoples you can meet in Middle-earth and beyond. But I’m a devoted follower and a good learner I must say! Therefore, I’m ready and eager to become an “advanced learner” under the ultimate master Erunno. 🙂

    • What a honest picture!

      Contribute a bit more and you’ll earn your spot for sure! You are devoted and committed to the language and also got skills, that is clear! Your knowledge of languages as Turkish & others from the region, gives you an edge which most people here don’t have! Use it to your advantage! Keep it up! You can become a Quenya Master!

  10. brihtuhn

    I’m just curious about where one goes to learn the basics of Quenya? The phonology things presented here are very clear and thorough, but I have no idea about basics like the copula, cases, verbal morphology, syntax, even word order. Where does one go for an overall sketch of the language and an online dictionary? Do such resources exist?

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