Enter Ondo Carniliono

Aiya ilyen!

My name’s Ondo Carniliono and I’m a new writer here in Quenya101. You may know me for some posts by our friend Erunno, like “All that is gold does not glitter”, “Bard’s song” and, I would say this is the most famous of them all, “Soft kitty”. 

I’ve started studying Quenya in October 2010, and on my first comments of it on Twitter I found the @Quenya101 guy. With his help, before the end of the year I was already translating parts of some lyrics into Quenya and I still remember my first translation was “When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind” by Linkin Park (Song: The Messenger).

But… who am I anyway? I’m a 17 year old Gondorian, studying to be a physicist, I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish and, of course, Quenya and I live in Brazil. You can find me on twitter (@_Ondo) or you can email me (ondo@quenya101.com), so, if you need any help, got any comments or anything, hit me up there!

See you later guys! Namárië!



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2 responses to “Enter Ondo Carniliono

  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to reading more of your translations and ther writings. 🙂

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