Erutulco, núrolya!

Aiya, meldonyar!

I’m Erutulco Eruntano, and I have been honored with a position in Quenya101 Language Institute. Though I made some contributions before, now I’ve been given the chance of helping more actively in task of spreading the awesomeness of Quenya to every corner of Arda.

My encounter with Professor Tolkien was at the age of 12, through his most popular masterpiece “The Lord of the Rings”. Since then I started to delve deeper and deeper in his whole mythos. Now I count 22 years of life, and this passion has done nothing but increase. Needless to say, Quenya played a primary role in this process: in 2009 (age 19), I stumbled into Helge Fauskanger’s Quenya Course. I instantly began to study it, though very slowly due to life’s other obligations.

A little before finishing the Course, I found Erunno on Twitter, and he helped immensely in the task. And when, afterwards, he opened this site, I became an avid reader. Since then I’m up to perfecting knowledge, translating, and helping others to learn Quenya.

Finally, for the curious ones, here’s some information about me:

  • Age: 22 years old
  • Studies: currently studying Computer Engineering
  • Country: Uruguay
  • Languages: Spanish (mother-tongue), English, Latin (though a bit rusty lately), and Quenya.

My most notorious previous contributions to Quenya101 are these two: Tenwar Quenya Quick Guide & A Varda! Elentári!. Also I’ve been awarded with the title “I roquen taraso!” and a Quenya101 t-shirt for solving a challenge here.

Great, now you know me! But how do you contact me? I’m in a bunch of social networks, and on email. These are the most effective means of reaching me:

Twitter: @joaquingatica | Google+: link | Email:

Do not hesitate to get in touch at any moment. I check this networks very frequently, and I’ll be pleased to help anyone anytime. We are here with that purpose. As the title states: Erutulco, your servant!



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3 responses to “Erutulco, núrolya!

  1. Qué bueno que hayan hispanohablantes que aprendan y dominen el quenya :3

    • Sí!!! Hay muchos otros por acá también!

    • Por supuesto! Y debe haber muchos más que no conocemos.

      En mi opinión, le resulta más fácil a un hispanohablante aprender Quenya que a muchos de otros idiomas. Por lo pronto, por la riqueza del castellano en terminaciones de número y persona en el verbo; por la concordancia de número entre el sujeto y el verbo, y del adjetivo con su sustantivo; y en otras cosas cosas más (todas heredadas del latín).

      Me alegro de que vos también te intereses por el Quenya. ¡Ojalá estuviera más difundido todavía! ¡Es tarea nuestra que se conozca cada vez más!


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