“Happy Birthday” song in Quenya

Now I bring you something that may be useful the next time a Tolkiendili friend of yours (we all have one!) celebrates his birthday. This I translated some time ago for my personal delight, but now I realize one of you might be wanting it.

I based the translation on the most popular English version of this chant; the one that goes like this:

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear [name here]!
Happy birthday to you!

I don’t dare to sing it to you right now! My singing isn’t what one may call good. To make it “singable” I tried to stick to the metrics of the original song, and came to this:

Alassëa nosta lyen!
Alassëa nosta lyen!
Alassëa nosta, melda [essë sís]!
Alassëa nosta lyen!

The homework I leave you, is to find out the proper Quenya translation of the name of the one you’re gonna sing to (Tip: you can find it or request it in the Names page).

Finally, here’s the Tengwar transcription of one line of the song:

With a bit of effort, it can be adjusted to fit the rhyme of the English version. I hope you can sing this better than I, and give your friends a grateful surprise!

For a detailed analysis of the translation, see here.


Disclaimer: Quenya101 Language Institute does not support, encourage nor celebrate any of those pagan-rooted festivities so  widely spread today among allegedly “christian” society. This post is intended for Quenya translation purposes only.


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4 responses to ““Happy Birthday” song in Quenya

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  2. Nas alassenya! (Its my pleasure!) I hope she likes it and dives into Quenya as well!

  3. brilliant!! now i know what to suprise my sister in her birthday thanks a lot ^^
    and after that i know she’ll say “what the language is that ” then i’m gonna spread quenya to my family hahaha what a plan.

    however thanks for the post ^^

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