Last day of the year…

Sunset has come!

Now we are officially in Mettarë 139, the last day of the year! 

Time to wrap up the 1 Age in 1 Year project which ends today with the banishment of Morgoth and the end of the 1st Age of the Sun. What a good ride we had together. Beleriand is such a place to visit, huh?

Some things are ended, but others are begun, brand new stuff! Here I’ll give the Imladris Reckoning Calendar for the Year XIV 140 which starts exactly at 7:18 PM ET tomorrow; March, 27th, 2012. (Check your region and local time to see when the sun sets where you live)

 Get the full calendar here: Year 140

Talking about your local time and stuff, I’ll propose a task here! Everybody who shares here, at the comments of this post, a picture of tomorrow’s sunset (the beginning of the new year) will receive a premium edition of 1 Age in 1 Year Calendar! Easy easy, huh? So take your cams, your cell phones and aim at the sun, at dusk, the rising of a new Yestarë!

Well…this is it! Wait…..I have a little surprise yet! 1 Age in 1 Year may have ended today, but now we shall have 2 Ages in 2 Years! That’s right! You hear me!! It’s time for 2 Ages in 2 Years, and it will start tomorrow with the coming the new year 140!!!! So stay tuned, as our ride is not ended! Far from that! (By the way…2 Ages in 2 Years is still a secret…so don’t tell people yet, ok?) 😀


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