Hostaina Aranië Hrasilo (República Federativa do Brasil)

Here comes another map! This one is dedicated to this beautiful country, land of my fellow Ondo Carniliono and land of a multitude of Quenya fans as I came to realize by the site visitors stats! So how unfair of me, not to work on this map!

I thought…well this one will be easy as I know my way around with Portuguese, but nuh-uh! It looks like Brazil doesn’t Portuguese at all! The names I had to deal with came from indigenous languages! DAMN….I wasn’t ready for that!

Also, a curious thing! It’s water everywhere! River here, Sea there, Bay over there…take a look at the names! It’s not only Rio de Janeiro….it’s 13 states with water somehow in the name!  It seems to be a good place for Aquaman! 😀

Pois bem, espero que tenham gostado! Termino por aqui e vou a tomar um copo d’água! Surprisingly…I got thirsty!

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17 responses to “Hostaina Aranië Hrasilo (República Federativa do Brasil)

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  2. Muito legal !!! Parabénss

  3. Brasil, amo de montão. Belo post. Nasci no Amazonas, na capital, Manaus.

  4. Ismael

    I really loved this post. I live in the north too, in Amazonas, Ohtatyarer. Here in Amazonas, there are some people that speak Tupi Guarani, and there are some people in the deep florest. Unlike many peoples around the world thinks, Amazonas, Pará and the other states that receive the Amazon Florest, aren’t just green and trhees… We have great cities too, like Belém and Manaus… Well, bye then… Happy 2013 for all the nations, elvish or not =)

    Tupã kanoapo iodio puranté iodio puranté iodio puranté, waxa waruari…

    • Hi, Ismael!!!! (A lot of Brazilian people got this name)

      I’m glad you liked the post! Brazil is an incredible vast country and that’s a little tribute to it and to all native Brazilian indians. (Is that the right term?)

      Anyway…..what did you say in tupã kanoapo????

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  6. Não falamos nenhuma língua indígena. Na verdade, as línguas indígenas são temas de estudo de antropólogos e historiadores. Mas em determinados locais relacionados as aldeias indígenas, as crianças aprendem o português e a língua indígena de sua aldeia.

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  8. Você é o máximo! Realmente, a maioria dos nomes aqui no Brasil são uma bela mistura de nomes europeus (principalmente portugueses) e indígenas. Eu moro na região Norte, no Estado do Pará (Eär) e só para você ter uma idéia e a influência indígena só aqui é imensa. E realmente, meu país é cercado de água. Aqui no norte temos um belíssimo conjunto de ilhas conhecido Ilha do Marajó. O lugar é um paraíso. Venha nos visitar quando puder 🙂
    Adorei seus mapa! Vou fazer um link sobre essa sua postagem no meu blog, ok?

  9. Ehy i’m waiting a work like that for my country: Italy!!! In Quenya the adapted version could be something like Italya or Italia more easly (fonetically is adapt to Quenya), i’ll wait for that!! =)

    • With pleasure, man! Italia will come! Next time I’ll come up with a map, I’ll make it for you! But I must warn you: I don’t know Italian (yet) and surely I’m gonna need some help with names, etymologies and the like. Can you help me when the time comes?

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