The Sarati of Rúmil


Alphabets! What a superb way of communicating through signs and symbols!

Mankind has developed several alphabets throughout history and this alphabet you’re reading right now (Roman Alphabet) is an evolution of several other writing systems including Greek, Aramaic & Phoenician alphabets.

But what about Tengwar? Where does it come from? Did it evolve from something?

Valian Years before Fëanor developed the Tengwar Alphabet; Rúmil , a great Loremaster created the Sarati. Obviously, Fëanor was influenced by the later and from this we have the same notion of antiquity and lore that sometimes Greek Alphabet gives us.

Rúmil being a skilled linguist, the system of the Sarati was based on the linguistic and phonological theories current at the time that he created the script.

As in Tengwar, consonants are a full letter while vowels work as diacritics.

Those above are the basic Sarati alphabet. Some of them resembles Tengwar features like the telcor and lúvar. But differently from its predecessor, Sarati could be written from right to the left, top to bottom and much more! (Wait, more? YES, more!) Check here and get what I mean:

Another interesting feature was the bar! Sarati could be written with or without it, as hangers to the bar or as “floating” letters on air.

Well…are you hungry for more? This is just a basic appetizer! You can find the whole meal here! Enjoy and bon appetite!



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