How to learn 25 languages at once (including Na’vi)

Swadesh list 2.0! It’s nothing new here and if you’ve been around with us at Quenya101 for some time now, you may remember the contribution made by my Mexican pal Motanz here, where we learnt 24 languages at once! 🙂 Now it’s time for one more, Na’vi!

What’s Na’vi anyway? Where is it spoken? Well, Na’vi is spoken in Pandora by that blue giant people called….errr…….Na’vi! If you plan to travel in the near future to Pandora, this swadesh list here may provide useful vocabulary so you can interact peacefully with them (I’ve heard they don’t like humans that much…I wonder why).

Noteworthy to say: I don’t know Na’vi. This list improvement was possible thanks to my alien Vulcan friend Briht’uhn, CEO of the Korsaya organization! So…well…it’s his fault!!! 😀

Get here: Swadesh List 2.0

(Español, Català, Português, Talossan, Română, Français, Esperanto, Nederlands, Deutsch, Dansk, Svenska, Íslenska, Русский язык, Čeština, Polski, Gaeilge, Euskara, Magyar, Türkçe, 한국어, Nāhuatlahtōlli, tlhIngan Hol, English, Quenya and Na’vi)



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8 responses to “How to learn 25 languages at once (including Na’vi)

  1. Thank you for the list. It has be of help to me to learn the Na’vi language. However, there are some of wrong information at the ‘한국어’ section. So I had modify the wrong word and add to blank. If you want to get to the modified list, please email me. I wish that be of help to you and I’m sorry that I change content of the file without your permission. By the way I’m Korean and I can’t speak English very well. So I worried about that you can’t understand these sentences. So if you can’t understand please reply to me or email. My email address is Thank you.

  2. tajei

    I could help add Mandarin if you want.

  3. Marta

    Awesome list, but I can’t see how write words because they appear with code (Excel doesn’t work with Quenya I guess) so, can you help me? I would know “father”, “mother” and “sister”, thank you 🙂

  4. brihtuhn

    Sìlpey oe, frapori slivu fì’u lesar sko sä’o a fpi sänume.
    I hope that this is useful to everyone as a learning tool.

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