Tolkien fans are all over the place and what a great joy brings me each one contributes with one’s talent to beautify even more and more the art of the Master.

I’m not gifted in Arts, so to me, they are most appealing and I really appreciate someone who can draw, paint, create an image with the skill of one’s hands. I simply can’t do that!

Here I’ll share exactly what my eyes beheld some days ago and I loved it! Silmarillion comics! I hope the artist (known as RomanyKate) keep up the good work and who knows…if one day we got the whole stuff commercially distributed? It’s a win-win. Profit for the maker and delight for the beholders!



Filed under Art, Comics, Silmarillion, Tolkien

5 responses to “Silmacomics

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  2. Nice work. Thank you!

  3. Amei. Mais um post seu que vou fazer um link no meu blog 🙂

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