Iceland, truly protecting elves since EVER!

You may be used to read a lot of jokes here and there. But take a look at the title of this post again. Did you read it? Well, this is NOT a joke!

I was talking with a girl on Twitter and she commented about Eldar Ambaressë stats and how she was surprised Iceland wasn’t there. I asked why was that and she showed me this:


A toy house on the grass? NO…a elf house! Built by Icelandic people to elves! And this is serious!

Apparently, Iceland folklore is really taken seriously there and people believe elves are living everywhere. They build houses like that, they don’t build roads nor buildings on certain sites where huldufólk (lit. hidden people) is believed to live and…get ready for that….here it comes…..they (in 1982) went to a NATO base in Keflavík to look for “elves who might be endangered by American Phantom jets and AWACS reconnaissance planes.” Man…that is serious deep shh****….stuff!

Do you see the road getting narrower? Guess who lives on those rocks & MUST be protected at all costs?

And that’s not all, boys and girls! There is even a Icelandic Elf School where you can learn everything you need to know about huldufólk and the 13 different species of elves. The Headmaster  Magnús Skarphéðinsson offers a full curriculum and certificate programs for visitors.

See? I told you this post WAS NOT a joke!

One example of huldufólk kept in formalin.

Do you wanna read more?  Check where I got the inspiration!



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6 responses to “Iceland, truly protecting elves since EVER!

  1. Haha love the post, of course. (Did you watch the video with the woman who wrote the elf-sex book? She’s awesome.)

  2. It’s awesome that the Icelandic people show such respect and concern for their huldufólk! Now I want to make a trip there, because I want to go to the Elf School. However, I’m rather sad for little Homo Sapiens Obscurus displayed like that … even if he/she is ‘obscurus’. lol!

    • You know…honestly when I read all that about their folklore, I felt going to Iceland too! I wonder if there are cool touristy things to do there.

      Don’t worry about the Homo Sapiens Obscurus on the jar! As you can see by his old age, he died of natural causes, peacefully and now he has become an aid for scientific studies about his species! That’s kinda of a comfort for the family of the deceased!


  3. Ok, I knew about all this business around Icelandic elves, but the last one… 0_o You are kidding us, aren’t you?!

    • No!!! Take a look at it yourself! It’s got a label with the name in several languages. I didn’t make it! It’s right there for anyone to see. It’s serious stuff!

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