Elvish (?) heraldry


Every you look on the internet, you can find elvish heraldry. It’s easy to find a lot of important Silmarillion characters’ heraldry. They are pretty cool, well designed (it’s Tolkien’s baby!) and full of meaning.


If you don’t know them all yet, that’s a good research and reading you should do as soon as you can. Wait….am I not talking about elvish heraldry in this post? NO!


I wanna make something quite different. I wanna fuse the world’s emblems, coat of arms, flags with the elvish style of presenting ensigns!

So…as I have already drawn maps from some countries here, I extended the tribute to each nation by creating an “elvish” coat of arms! And here they are:

Aranië Telpina

Aranië Látiva

Aranië Rávosto

I Aranië Andúnëo

Aranië Finnórë

Hostaina Aranië Hrasilo

In time, the posts with the countries’ maps will be updated to include their elvish coat of arms!


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