Rómenya Aranië Aiwisírëo (República Oriental del Uruguay)

This time its my pleasure to introduce a new map to the collection! This map has a special significance to me, because its the one of my beloved nation: a small one between two giants, but very proud of its unique and rich traditions.

For the composition of the names, I had to recall memories learnt in my young years, and do some research. Many showed a special complexity, for their origin is in the natives of this land, before colonization. And THAT made the task much more interesting!

This is personal, but I must say that these names sound good in Quenya! Or maybe its just because I’m Uruguayan… Anyway, these names that bear so much history, now can carry the Elvish tradition with them.

Well, enough talking for now! I just hope than if you visit us some time, please call! I’d love to meet you, guys.

Rómenya Aranië Aiwisírëo

For those interested, see the analysis here.



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5 responses to “Rómenya Aranië Aiwisírëo (República Oriental del Uruguay)

  1. Daniella

    Beatutiful page, Uruguay in Guaraní, ( language from the Indians that were there before the Spaniards ) means: “river of colorful birds”.

  2. How “Uruguay” is translated? Something connected with birds?

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