Nai i cantëa nauva ólë (May the 4th be with you)

 Special date! Special post! Star Wars at first glance may appear to have nothing to do with Tolkien & elves. Just at first glance! Actually G.Lucas has made several tributes to the work of Tolkien like naming a planet in Quenya (i.e. Endor, the planet of the Ewoks. Endor means Middle-Earth in Quenya) and making a very very special role for the Ewoks themselves (you know…little people who unexpectedly saved the day at the end against all odds…*cough…HOBBITS…cough*)

See? One paragraph and 2 huge facts that entwine Tolkien & Star Wars probably in a way you didn’t see coming.

To celebrate the date, let’s have those quote cards so widely spread in the social media featuring Star Wars characters and Quenya (of course my horse)

Nai i Túrë nauva ólë (May the Force be with you)

Istan ëa mára lessë (I know there is good in you)

Caurë tië ná mórenna (Fear is the path to the dark side)

Teldavë haryuvalvë ahtarië (At last we’ll have revenge)

Nelyë otorno, mellenyel. (You were my brother, I loved you)

Tevinyel! (I hate you!)

Anacin, rácal órenya (Anakin, you’re breaking my heart)

Melinyel / Istan (I love you / I know)

Nas neuma (It’s a trap)

Uúuúuuhhh aáarr úhrr arhhh (Uuuurrr aaaarrr uurrr arghh)



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9 responses to “Nai i cantëa nauva ólë (May the 4th be with you)

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  2. João Costa

    Where is “No, I am your father.” and “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”‽ Still pretty cool! Do these ^^^^ this year.

  3. I did not know that George Lucas was a Tolkien fan.

  4. They are terrific!
    My favorites: Yoda and WIndu… and Chewbacca jejeje =P

    • And I have to say you inspired this post a little bit when you asked me about that same Yoda quote!

      Well, here it is, on the 4th of May!

      Chewbacca is so eloquent! I love his well put sayings and thoughts!

  5. I didn’t know George Lucas was a Tolkien fan. I’m not really into Star Wars, but my boyfriends loves it. It is good to know our biggest interests have something in common 😉

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