ONE family tree!

Everybody knows that Tolkien was interested in family trees. It’s everywhere in his books! Silmarillion got it, Lord of the Rings got it and actually it’d be damn hard to understand all the family relations without this visual aid!

For instance: Why is Bilbo Frodo`s uncle? Who is Frodo’s father and mother? Where is the link with Bilbo? Or another example: Who is Fëanor’s grandson? Wait…did he have any?

Got curious???

So…how about…extending it to the Nth degree? Shall we have a family tree of everybody? Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits, Ents, Valar even Orcs in one single place!

Here it is:

It’s the Lord of The Rings Project! A very neat site with everything you need about family relations of all races of Arda! Would you like to know the answer for the questions mentioned above! Check it now in:

There’s even a part dedicated with lots and lots of stats about all the characters!

Reading a bit of the author Emil Johansson‘s blog entry here, I identified myself a lot with his eagerness of making something for the Tolkien fans. He loved something, he had an idea…he wanted to share! That’s the spirit, Johansson! Hail and praise the spirit Tolkien infused on our bones!



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