“In foramine terrae habitabat hobbitus”

“In a hole in the ground, there lived a hobbit…”

There are great news for Tolkien and Linguistics fans! Some days ago it was announced that a Lingua Latina version of The Hobbit will be published in September! The famous opening phrase will be the one on title of this post (did you think I translated that?). Its nice to see that the book is translated into this language. The one that inspired the Professor so much in the creation of Quenya. It also happens to be that, this year, The Hobbit celebrates its 75th anniversary. A great tribute, don’t you think? It will be called Hobbitus Ille (it sounds great!), and the author of the translation is Mark Walker. The book is already announced in Amazon, and can be pre-ordered for £11.69. Now, I’m really eager for September to come, and put my hand on this jewel of Linguistics. Thank you Mark, for this contribution to us all!

For more information, here is the news article.



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6 responses to ““In foramine terrae habitabat hobbitus”

  1. WOW, that is really great. I love latin, and since spanish is my native language I would be able to understand most of it. I’m buying this for sure!

    • I’m in the same position! Loving Latin and Spanish as mother tongue. Also, as its a modern translation, I guess it’ll be more “understandable”, with less irregularities. Old Latin texts are sometimes tough; or at least to me.

  2. I am studying Latin, and I am also a Tolkien fan! I can’t wait! Hantale… or gratias tibi ago!

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