How Lord Of The Rings should have sounded…

I remember when I was a teen and we were all excited about the coming movie The Fellowship Of The Ring, one of our first questions was: “What’s the soundtrack gonna be like? There gotta be Blind Guardian, Rhapsody  and the like”.

But we were naive. That’s not how Hollywood (a.k.a. Movie Industry) works, right?

There was a crazy rumor that Rage Against The Machine would sign the soundtrack! What??? We thought: “They gotta nothing to do with it” And then along came Enya. I might say it was kind of a good choice. Emphasis on KIND OF. I like Enya, she’s good, she sings in several different languages, she’s got a good soothing voice. But there, it’s the problem! It’s too calm! What about the metal? What about the epic metal melodies which every single Tolkien/Fantasy/RPG/Metal fan loves?

……By the way….I wonder: How many Tolkien Fans love Metal music? I got really curious! I think I need to ask YOU! Please answer and help me with the stats:

That’s something the wicked Big Movie Industry can’t get sometimes. They prey the masses but fail on minor details. To correct (in my opinion) the Lord Of The Rings soundtrack, I’d like to include here and share with you all, this amazingly put together video containing scenes from the movies (telling the whole story chronologically) and with a wondrous soundtrack! Erutulco indicated me and I jizz in my pants. “That’s the vision, that’s the true soundtrack of Lord Of The Rings”

I got shivers and I got goosebumps, delightfully edited!



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8 responses to “How Lord Of The Rings should have sounded…

  1. Keonia J

    Power metal was the sound for high fantasy for the longest time but when you get a movie so well known. Companies want to cater to all musical tastes so you get something more general. I just wish that offer a soft and hard tastes of music for soundtracks.

    • Me too! You’re right in what you say…It’s just that my taste is not that soft and well, I don’t think like companies do….but you’re so right!

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  4. Are you criticizing Howard Shore’s soundtracks? I think they fit the movie perfectly. I agree with Renan Gueiros – I don’t think metal would have been good.

    • No, I’m not criticizing Howard Shore’s scores. As you can see I didn’t even mention Howard Shore’s score. How could I criticize Howard Shore’s composition if I love them all and have all on my cel phone?

      My intention on the post was to show that the TRUE soul of any epic/high fantasy lies in Power Metal and it’s impossible to disconnect the two things. Bands like Blind Guardian, Battlelore & others BREATHE Lord of the Rings and it’s a pity the Movie Industry had not considered them to be on the Lord of the Rings Motion Picture soundtrack.

      Also, there is a technical difference between score and soundtrack.

      Like you, I think Howard Shore fits the movie perfectly.

  5. You can’t be serious about that. Metal would no be coherent with the Middle Earth athmosphere at all! I’d vote for The Tolkien Ensemble!

    • I can be serious about that! 101%

      Metal is the soundtrack of any RPG, any Epic Fantasy out there. Grab some Power Metal bands albums and just for the cover you’ll see what I’m talking about. I agree when you say “not coherent with Middle-Earth atmosphere”, but once you’re a fan of Metal AND High Fantasy, you get the meaning of epic music for an epic genre.

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