What I had not dreamed, it came true

…and I just have to say: Thank YOU!

One of Quenya101 Goals have become a reality yesterday. I wouldn’t think about that even in my crazy dreams, but now it is a reality!

Do you remember the trick?

In November, 2011, I acquired my own domain from WordPress and the site became known as simply quenya101.com. At that time, I have requested WordPress to be part of a program called WordAds. Yesterday, for my surprise, against all odds, for my disbelief, they sent me an email telling my site was approved to be included and from now on, Quenya101 Language Institute will be paid for the ads automatically included in the site! That’s HUGE! I know it’s not gonna be a fortune (of course), actually I’m expecting some cents on my Paypal account at the end of the month, but the MEANING of it…..wow…wow…that counts a lot!

Read the email and be joyful with me! (Beer is on me today!)

This site started as nothing! As something I felt like doing, but who’s gonna be so devotedly interested in Quenya like I am? I underestimated the power of internet and the devotion of Tolkien fans! The thing is growing and growing and now it came to this!

It may sound silly and corny, but that simple event made me extraordinarily happy!

I’m proud, I’m happy, I’m astonished and I’m thankful for what Quenya101 audience has accomplished! Yes, this achievement is yours! You did it!

Also….as I promised here, Quenya Masters have privileges and REWARDS too! When it comes to linguistic knowledge, I’m a giver! It will be a pleasure to me to share proportionally with Ondo & Erutulco, my faithful pals, all profits that Quenya101 is gonna receive from now on. It’s NOT gonna be much, you know…we’re still gonna need to study and work hard on the real world, Quenya won’t pay the bills… 😀 …..but maybe we can buy some candies out of it!

Anyway, do NOT forget that:

Quenya101 Language Institute is free. You will not be charged ANYTHING to have a name composed into Quenya, to have a sentence translated, to have help to learn the language. NO. Thou shalt not! My pleasure lies in giving knowledge, not hoarding gold in the process. I love to do it, and the passion is much more valuable than money!

Stay tuned….you know more surprises will come!




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2 responses to “What I had not dreamed, it came true

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m really really glad for you. I hope you can buy a lot of candies, and that every month you’ll be able yo buy even more! <33 I love Quenya101. Thank you for making this amazing project and for sharing your almost infinite knowledge of quenya and Tolkien myth with us! ;P

    • Wow & WOW!

      Thank you for this wondrous compliment! I’m pretty flattered and wish I can keep on and on!

      ….Actually, let us raise the bar together! Tolkien deserves!

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