High technology + low knowledge = Elvish (cr)app

This is a warning. A word of advice. You know that not all that glitters is gold and this is a good example of the saying.

When one depends only on a software, an online transcriber or (in this case) an application, to write “Elvish”, one is ripe to be fooled, to write wrong stuff, to have tattooed super cool gibberish Tengwar writings that one thinks it says something.

Now…you can pay ONLY $0.99 for a wrong Tengwar writing in your iPhone or iPad!!! How cool is that? (not)

[Sarcasm Mode: ON] From an Italian guy called Gino Sarnieri, this app allows you to write instantly the elvish alphabet without having to study for long hours all those tedious and boring rules that we know it’s only there to complicate things. Why should one waste time with that, if this beauty can do it like magic? Technology is wonderful, isn’t it? We don’t need to use our brains anymore! [Sarcasm Mode: OFF]

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So…here’s the link: http://itunes.apple.com/br/app/to-write-in-elvish/id391293262?mt=8. so you can see with your eyes! But please, do it for yourself, get your $0.99 and buy some song on iTunes….do not throw it away on that elvish crap app



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2 responses to “High technology + low knowledge = Elvish (cr)app

  1. “Inspired by JRR Tolkein’s“, “Even for the biggest of JRR Tolkeins fans, speaking and writing Elvish is a challenge”, ” fun features I Write Elvish offers Tolkein fans”

    Ok… he created an app based on the work of an author whose name wrote wrong three times. Now, I’m curious, how bad (or funny?) the app’s translation/transcription/what-the-heck-is-supposed-to-do (actually I still don’t get it what it is doing) is.

    • It’s just an app who supposedly writes things in “Elvish” created by someone who has no idea how Tengwar alphabet works and how it is typed.

      THAT is the funny part here! 😀

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