Ainulindalë 6

Here is the official release of page


of Ainulindalë Quenyanna.

The last one of the original copies of this part of Ainulindalë, was stolen by Sauron, distorted and used to influence the Númenóreans to worship DARKNESS. In Sauron’s version, Ilúvatar was guilty to use Eä and Arda to bound all Ainur to his enslaving and oppressing dominion. Melkor was the one who would free all creations from it, through the Void and its holy Darkness.

 After the downfall of Númenor, this replica was brought by the faithful Elendilli to Middle-Earth and preserved by the elves of Lothlórien under the guidance of Galadriel (who could understand Quenya, the language of her childhood) was restored and mended, so the canonical value of it was not compromised by the filthy influence of Sauron’s thoughts.

Soon, paragraph by paragraph, word by word, will be analyzed in Ainulindalë Quenyanna section. Stay tuned!



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