Let’s build an elvish school together!

Middle-Earth wants you!

The elves are fading. They are almost all gone now! The ones who chose to tarry in Middle-Earth are but a faint memory of the beings they once were. Their culture, their beauty, their languages will die with them! WE need to do something about it! WE need NOW!

Join the “Let’s build an elvish school together” campaign (a.k.a. “Let’s BEST”) and through that we can maintain the elves’ utmost precious jewel: Quenya! You know education is the cornerstone of any future, it’s the legacy we leave behind, don’t let it be forgotten!


  • What is the “Let’s BEST”  goal?

The “Let’s BEST” goal is to keep and enhance the teaching of elvish lore (including Quenya, Sindarin & the culture behind them) to everyone inclined to learn the beauties of the elves.

  • How that goal is to be achieved?

Through the building of elvish schools, libraries, centers of elvish lore throughout Middle-Earth and beyond!

  • How can I join the campaign?

There are some ways you can do that. One of them is by becoming a Quenya101 Patreon. Through it, you contribute to the achievement of Q101 goals! You can also donate a tiny fixed amount of 101 silver coins (Quenya…101…got it? 🙂 ) which on the elvish current conversation rate is $1.01 (one dollar and one cent). Can you do the tiniest of gestures to contribute with Quenya legacy?

  • Why should I do that? 

Because you’ve got a good heart and you are thankful! That’s why! Maybe you have already got your name composed to Quenya here, or a cool sentence you requested to be translated and it was, or some funny post you laughed and loved. It was all free, because knowledge is free for all here! Now that’s a way you could say “thank you” with a small deed which will make a whole difference. So, in the end…actually…I thank you! and you know that!

  • Ok, but how should I do that?

At the sidebar of Quenya101 Language Institute site (or below here), you can find a new button called “Hantanyel”. Click there and you’ll open a PayPal window where you can donate and help the “Let’s BEST” campaign. When you donate, leave a message and choose where in Middle-Earth, the 1st elvish school should be built: Gondor, Rohan, Rivendell, Shire or Moria. When a sufficient amount is reached, it’ll be announced which place is bestowed with this new beacon of elvish lore. And NEW THINGS will come depending on the place. Surprise, surprise…you know you’ll get something to be surprised!




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10 responses to “Let’s build an elvish school together!

  1. hormag

    is there gonna be a real life school or sth? This post (topic? announcement?) so unclear.

  2. Olordil

    Sorry to say this, but there’s a typo in the word nólë (on the school picture). It’s spelled with noldo. Check Fauskanger’s Quettaparma.

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  4. Amei a ideia, só tem um problema: moro no Brasil…. e não tenho catão de crédito internacional pra ajudar… tem alguma outra forma?

    • Há Paypal. Tu conheces? Tu tens que se cadastrar no site e através de transferências da tua conta ou cartão nacional, é possível ajudar. Pode ser trabalhoso, mas o Paypal é muito útil para diversas coisas. É bom ter uma conta lá e é grátis também. Através do Paypal, também é possível fazer transações internacionais na tua moeda nacional.


  5. Hmmm… What’s the amount you are trying to reach? Or it’s a secret?

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