Lord of the Rings Papercraft

Do you like action figures? Would you like to collect them but sometimes it’s goddamn expensive and you just can’t buy them all? If you’re a Lord of the Rings trilogy fan, maybe you had a hard time trying to buy all the action figures from the movies. It’s just too much and honestly… it’s expensive! Now they’re kinda rare and that doesn’t help the price either!

Well…well..well…those problems are over!

I present to you Lord of the Rings Papercraft! Now if you got some talent (I don’t) and some patience (well that one I got) you can assemble your own action figure from the Lord of the Rings movies made of paper! It will cost almost nothing and the result is wonderful. I couldn’t tell the difference between paper and plastic models. Check:

Not finding enough Lord of the Rings papercraft on the Internet to suit him, Andre Correa decided to create some of his own. The result was this Ringwraith papercraft. In the LOTR trilogy, the Ringwraiths (or Nazgul) are powerful servants of the evil ruler Sauron. This paper model is based on a 3D model from theReturn of the King video game and may be downloaded here.

A brilliant idea and great execution too! I praise that kind of talent! I got none!

You see the replica swords below, right?

WRONG! You don’t see replica swords here. You see paper!

And that last one shown here, it simply blew my mind! How can that be possible? Shelob? Really? Made of paper? WOW!

So…have that in mind, my friends…no one can put a tag price on talent and art! Forget about brands and expensive collections! Beauty can come on simple things…like….say…paper.

PS: Click on all images and be directed to the corresponding link where you can get more info and download files so you start building your own paper models!



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