May the Force be with you

…cuz it is with HIM

…and the Force is a strong ally!

Rise Lord Diefenthäler! I now pronounce you Darth Elvish and from now on you will be addressed here as The One With The Force. I’m not sure if you are a Knight of light or tend to follow the lies of the Jedi, but I can assure you: Strong is the Dark Side and….the cookies are pretty delicious! Yummy!

Well, as you can see, my buddy from Brazil, Fábio Diefenthäler (Wait? Brasilien oder Deutschland?) has got this beauty tattooed on his skin! May the Force be with you in Quenya (Nai i Túrë nauva ólë). Super cool, man! Originally thought, mixing two grand passions of mine too (Star Wars+Lord of the Rings).

Fábio, chilling out on a distant planet before a Lightsaber training!

The One With The Force will join the ranks and be part of the most exclusive group alongside The One With The Light, The One In Female Form & The One. 4 people from the 4 corners of the World with 1 thing in common: a kick-ass 100% legit Quenya tattoo (and you know this is kinda rare)




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11 responses to “May the Force be with you

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  7. Hey man! Thank you very much for the post, I felt really honered now. I had this idea for a little while, and finally put it to use. I must thank you guys a lot, because I was having some trouble trying to figure out a way to translate the quote. Putting together two amazing sagas like Lord of the Rings and Star Wars is really awsome, and i am glad to see other hardcore fans over there. Once again, thank you very much! And may the Force be with you, of course!

    • Great “The One With The Force”! I’m glad you checked the post dedicated to you and honestly you had a heck of an idea! Super cool! We, at Quenya101, are definitely thrilled to be part of its execution somehow!

      “Indeed you are powerful as Sauron The Great had foreseen!”

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