Impatience? Not a problem anymore!

We all know it, but sometimes you forget you cannot please everybody. It’s hard, you know. You try your best, you do what you can, you give what you get, but you will not please everybody! NEVER ever!

Here, in Quenya101, we (Erunno, Ondo & Erutulco) try our best to please everyone. We cannot, but that’s no point in trying, huh? There are pages and sections for all tastes. For that curious person who just wants to know his/her name in Quenya. For that beginner who wants to know more about Tengwar Alphabet. For that person who wants to get an accurate tattoo and is wise enough to research before getting it. It’s free for all. Come ye all!

BUT…as you may have realized…there is no place for the impatient. OOOooo woe to the impatient one, because it is a punishment to him/her the waiting in line! The impatient one wants his/her name composed into Quenya right now, his/her sentence right now…why should the impatient one wait in line? That sucks, right?

I, therefore, announce: Impatience shall NOT be a problem here anymore!!! Come ye all impatient ones, for thou shalt receive your bounty sooner than thou deemest.

“What do you mean, Erunno Alcarinollo? Have you lost your mind? Aren’t you busy enough with the current 33 names requests, 32 sentences to be translated and even 5 quotes to be composed into Quenya?”

Yes, my friends…I should say. But here is the thing: It doesn’t please me to have a long waiting line as there are many people out there thirsting for Quenya…and I’m just one regular guy (You know…I have to work, eat, sleep and other things too…)

 So….from now on, I create the FAST LINE!

You will not wait weeks or months for a name or sentence..noooooo….if you’re impatient, if you want it fast, make your request in the appropriate section (Names, How do we say (…) in Quenya? or Poem & Prose) and right after it, click on the FAST button in order to leave a donation. (it’s only $1.01) Write down in the comment of the donation your request too (sentence or name) and in less than 101 hours, you’ll have it DONE!

You will not wait more than 5 days! That is it! Request, donate and have it done! FAST LINE!

Of course, everybody can request anything for free here, but if you don’t have patience to wait in line, if you want it fast, if you want it now….FAST LINE is the answer! Your impatience shall not be a hindrance!

PS: All people who have already requested something and want to get it right away, cut out the waiting and order FAST LINE right now!

Just click



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2 responses to “Impatience? Not a problem anymore!

  1. Holmes19

    Excuse me, I asked for a couple of phrases on Wednesday and I sent them thru the fast line and I haven’t found them answered yet. My confirmation order is 9FC20949AS869792X and 33P49187NS609681N. I wonder if is there any problem with the request. Thanks for your attention

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