Onórë Américo (United States of America)

ASTONISHINGLY, I have not made this map yet! Well, I saved it for later and later…and finally it is here! United States of America, home sweet home, is the most elvish populated country in the world and also the place where we get more visits by Humans here. It’s about time we get the Onórë Américo map!!!

Also, and not by coincidence, Quenya101 opens the celebrations of the coming July,4th (only hours away).

So, enjoy the map, grab your fireworks and have a nice holiday! 😀

The diversity of etymologies explored was amazing! Lots and lots of indigenous languages, Spanish, French, Dutch, Old English, Latin…it was a great exercise and linguistic trip to the origins of our place names.

But this is not the end! I will share all the research made and why each state has got its own particular name. Let’s dig deeper and let’s dig together!

Wait for the next posts and they will bring the details of each name! Stay tuned!

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