US States – Part I (an etymological trip in Quenya)

And here it is! As promised on the previous post, let’s have an etymological trip around the 50 states of Onórë Américo! Their origin, their history, it’s all there in their names! You can also check why certain state has been given its Quenya name and the process involved.


  • From: Choctaw Albaama (the Alabama person)
  • Meaning: Alma = herbs, plants / Amo = to trim, to gather
  • Quenya: Laiquehostaro (laiquë+hostaro = herb+gatherer)
  • From: Russian Аляска which is derived from Aleut Alaxsxaq & Alyeska.
  • Meaning: Mainland, great land
  • Quenya: Alatenor ([alat-]+{-nor} = [great, large in size prefix]+{land suffix})
  • From: Spanish Arizonac derived from O’odham alĭ ṣonak.
  • Meaning: Alĭ ṣonak means small spring
  • Quenya: Tittehtelë (titta+ehtelë = tiny+fountain)
  • From: Quapaw Akakaze.
  • Meaning: Land of downriver people
  • Quenya: Síremar (sírë+[-mar] = river+[home, land suffix])
  • From: Possibly Spanish fictional story about an island paradise
  • Meaning: Unknown but related to fictional Queen Calafia
  • Quenya: Californya (Quenya orthographic equivalent)
  • From: Spanish Colorado given as name to the river
  • Meaning: Red
  • Quenya: Carnë (red)
  • From: Algonquian Quinatucquet
  • Meaning: Upon the long river (Connecticut river)
  • Quenya: Anduinessë (Anduinë+[ssë] = Long River+[locative case suffix])
  • From: Old French De La Warr which was the surname of the Baron Thomas West
  • Meaning: Of the war
  • Quenya: Ohto (ohta+[o] = n. war+[genitive case suffix])
  • From: Spanish La Florida
  • Meaning: Flowery
  • Quenya: Lótëa (flowery)
  • From: Feminine form of Greek name Γεωργιος  (Georgios)
  • Meaning: Farmer, earthworker. More details here
  • Quenya: Cemendurië (cemen+{ndur}+[ië] = soil, earth+{servant}+[feminine names suffix])
  • From: Hawaiian Hawai’i derived from Proto-Polynesian Sawaiki
  • Meaning: Homeland
  • Quenya: Nórë (land, dwelling place)
  • From: Made up as a practical joke by George Willing
  • Meaning: None
  • Quenya: Aitaho (Quenya orthographic equivalent)
  • From: Miami-Illinois verb irenwe·wa, modified by Ottawa dialect into ilinwe and borrowed to French where the word was shaped into illinois
  • Meaning: (S)He speaks the normal way
  • Quenya: Quetis (he, she, it speaks)
  • From: Latin INDIA+ANA (place name suffix)
  • Meaning: Land of the Indians
  • Quenya: Indanor (India+[nor] = India+[land])
  • From: Dakota  ayuhwa
  • Meaning: Possibly asleep
  • Quenya: Lorna (asleep)
  • From: Kansa kką:ze (the tribe name)
  • Meaning: People of the south wind
  • Quenya: Súrelië (súrë+[-lië] = wind+[people suffix])
  • From: Iroquois (cf. Mohawk kenhtà:ke)
  • Meaning: Meadow
  • Quenya:Resta (field)
  • From: French La Louisiane named after king Louis XIV
  • Meaning: Land of Louis
  • Quenya: Alcarohtanor (Alcarohtar+[-nor] = Louis in Quenya+[land suffix])
  • From: French province name Maine
  • Meaning: the French province with possibly Gaulish origins
  • Quenya: Mén (Quenya orthographic equivalent)
  • From: English Mary land
  • Meaning: Land of Mary
  • Quenya: Eärarenor = (Eärarë+[-nor] = Mary in Quenya+[land suffix])
  • From: Algonquian Massadchuset 
  • Meaning: Near the great little mountain (identified as the Great Blue Hill, southwest of Boston)
  • Quenya: Lúnorontissen (Lúnorontë+[ssen] = Blue Mountain+[locative case plural suffix])
  • From: Ojibwa Mishigamaa
  • Meaning: Large water, large lake
  • Quenya: Alatailin ([alat-]+ailin = [great, large in size prefix]+pool, lake)
  • From: Dakota Mnisota 
  • Meaning: Sky-tinted water, cloudy water
  • Quenya: Fanyanen (fanya+nén = cloud+water)
  • From: Ojibwe Misi-ziibi
  • Meaning: Great river
  • Quenya: Tussírë (túra+sírë = great+river)
  • From: Miami-Illinois Wimihsoorita
  • Meaning: Those who have dugout canoes (refering to the tribe)
  • Quenya: Venarwa (venë+[-arwa] = small boat+[in control of, possessing suffix])

To be continued…


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