#1 Sindarin Song

I gotta share this! A couple of weeks ago, I found out this SUPERB song in…Sindarin. So well sung, melodic metal, girl singing AND in an elvish language! (the way I like it) How cool is that?

Well….as you know, I’m not a Sindarin master, just a student. So I cannot say for sure if the lyrics are well written or not. Some words I recognize but I don’t master yet the entire structure of the language in order to analyze completely like I do here with Quenya.

Anyway…listen the song and enjoy!

Lyriel – Lind e-Huil


Ir i ngelaidh pen-anor
Ir i meigol bem-meigor
Û-ortherithach i’oth
I suil degir nîr gelib
I suil û-degir siniath

Tiro, im naer a im ereb
Lind e-huil
Fuin nin pen-elenath

Suilon i suil, hirach gûr dîn?
Pedo i suil, henach dûr dîn?
Man i ven ir e bant?
Man i lû i men adertham?
Thuion i’ûl a ir idh, Thuion i’ûl a ir idh
Tiro, im naer a im ereb
Lind e-huil
Fuin nin pen-elenath

Laston i bethron lend
Olthon o mellon ne mith
Ir ivor a galad’evedir
Lachatha ninniach
Ir i naw a i ôl ‘evedir
Tar i ven istathach
Ir i lû a i amarth erthar
I’lunnar hiratha lind
Os said bain en amar
I ven dôg na vîl a na nin
Oh Lind e-huil…

If you are a Sindarin Master, tell me what you think about this composition. Good? Bad? I’m at a blind spot here without knowing deeply the language!



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4 responses to “#1 Sindarin Song

  1. Abigail

    Thank you, I have just been searching for information about this topic for a while and yours is the greatest I’ve found out till now. However, what in regards to the conclusion? Are you sure concerning the source?

  2. The grammar is quite good, even if there are few mistakes about the mutations, but for the grammar i haven’t much to say. I just haven’t found few words in my dictionary, so i don’t know what they mean, for example “ivor” (but somewhere i should have read it ‘d mean “crystal”, but not sure), or ‘lunnar that is lenited from glunnar (but the meaning is unknown). And either i can’t find idh, unless it’s a misconception for ind (heart)…and in the end i haven’t find out the verb from henatha (-atha is the future tense ending), but hen means “eye”, so maybe they made a new verb adding -a-, so hena- “to see, gaze”… but i very like all the stuff!! Very good (few mistakes in the pronunciations, but who cares, Tolkien himself said human had sometimes weird ways to pronounce Elvish words, so..)
    that’s my personal opinion!

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