HSX – Hobbit Stock Exchange

What about buying some shares of the upcoming Hobbit movies on the stock exchange and earn some profit with the box office of it?…….. WHAT?

Yes, you heard me! But wait…let’s get things straight about this HSX opportunity!

First of all, it’s not real money! I got ya, huh?! Second of all, HSX stands for Hollywood Stock Exchange and it’s a game! That’s right…a game!

As strange as it may sound, there is a stock market game involving movies and it’s pretty fun to play (if you’re into financial like me).

When you register, you start with H$2 million (not bad, huh?) and then you can invest your money in upcoming movies and the box office they’re gonna make. It’s all about prediction! If you love movies, it’s a freaking cool game to play, because you get all hooked up what’s going on in the movies industry with its production and releases news! I just love it! It combines two things I like: movies & finances (I work with that so it’s THE ultimate perfect game to play at work 😀 )

If you have some previous knowledge of stock market, you’re gonna be pretty comfortable with the gameplay involving buying, selling, shorting, covering, investing in Starbonds, Options, Derivatives….ok….let’s stop right here for the sake of people who are not actually into that!

If you don’t have any knowledge of the terms above, don’t worry! There’s plenty help in that site of HSX and it’s not a game that requires too much attention to play. It won’t take your time nor your sleep at night! Why don’t you try a little? Maybe buying some shares from The Hobbit? Cool point to start with as we’re approaching its released!

Also, I’m starting Quenya101 League! Join the game and join our exclusive league! The winner of the month (the one with more % profit) will gain a special prize for Quenya101 Language Institute! A trip to New Zealand to watch The Hobbit premiere in November! Ok…..well….actually…Quenya101 does not hold that kind of money to give prizes like that (sorry)…but you’ll get a cool prize anyway! I’ll make things happen, don’t worry!

What do you say? Let’s trade!


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