Not all those who wander are lost 3

And she did it too!

Priscilla Ortiz

Once again, with great pleasure and joy of heart, I, Erunno Alcarinollo, bring forth to the eyes of all elves, men, dwarves and hobbits here gathered the beauty of the lady above from Utah and the surpassingly splendorous decoration she used in her skin. BEHOLD:

Queni ya ranya ullumë vanwë umir

From now on, Priscilla Ortiz shall not be her name. She has taken part alongside the selected club of people (The One, The One In Female Form, The One With The Light & The One With The Force) and she will be referred to as: The One With The Birdies.

Instead of getting the sentence in “Tengwar English Mode for the weak ones” (full of its inaccuracies) she went for the uttermost legit thing: Quenya! Much better as Tengwar was meant for writing Quenya (not English).

Laitanyel, wendë! (I praise you, lady!)



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10 responses to “Not all those who wander are lost 3

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  4. Charlotte May

    Do you have a link to this poem on your site in this font? I’m looking to get it as a tattoo as this and the poem itself is beautiful!

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  8. Very nice, Priscilla!! And Erunno, I can only imagine how proud you are when you see something like that. That’s just awsome!

    • Indeed!!! Very proud and very happy to be helped one single soul to have something correctly and accurately written in such a fine and beautiful alphabet created by dear Father Tolkien!

      I feel like mission accomplished, you know!

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