Tengwar Kanji 2 曜

Elen (Star)

This is part II of the famous Tengwar Kanji original concept developed by me a couple of months ago. As people really liked it, I brought some more of them to simulate a possible feature inside elvish culture and writing system: the Kanjis!

This time, we’ll focus on the days of the week and the elements they represent (Elen, Anar, Isil, Aldu, Menel & Vala). Elen has already come up in the last post, so we got 5 new to cover + bonus rounds! 🙂

Note for everyone: This is NOT canonical at all. It’s not official in any level. It’s just my own imagination working and playing with Tengwar forms. Feel free to come up with and use your own inventions if you feel like. Enjoy the creative freedom, as Father Tolkien did!

Here we go:



Anar, the Sun. One of the great lights of Arda taken from Laurelin as a mere fruit. Days of the week: Anarya. The idea behind the kanji was: a disc (obviously) with rays and brightness all around it.


Isil, the Moon. Another one of the great lights of Arda taken from Telperion as a mere flower. Day of the week: Isilya. This kanji is not made of a disc, but a C-shape to highlight the phases of the moon and its shifting shape. Also, some dots representing stars and constellations around it.


Not a day of the week. This is the bonus! Flaura is related to Yavanna and it kinda deserved some spot here. As you can see, it was thought as a flower with petals and some seeds above it (or whatever they call that…I am no botanical person)


Not a day of the week too…but wait…our kanji grew up from a flower to a tree, huh!? Same concept but extended to a tree now. Seeds and fruits on its branches (not just petals as before)

Two Trees

That is the day of the week I was heading to! Aldúya, the day of the Two Trees! Not just common two trees, but Laurelin and Telperion themselves! The kanji concept is: brightness everywhere with all dots symbolizing light!


Not just sky in the physical sense, but heavens too. Menelya is the day of the sky, the bearer of Lights, wind and the eagles of Manwë. In this kanji here, we have the same concept of the wind kanji but added some clouds in it! That’s sky!


The High day of the week, Valanya! The day of the Valar! The concept here is pretty easy and unlike the others before, it’s related to the word in Quenya itself. It’s a V & L intertwined with an A above for both of them! I liked this one! It’s just like a logo!

 So…that was it! All days of the week and some extra elements too! I hope you like them and if you have any special wishes for particular kanjis you would love to check it done…be my guest! Comment here and let’s see what we can do for you in a next edition of Tengwar Kanji! There’s a huge world of words to cover and the imagination is our only limit, so there’s no limit at all!

PS: More info about elvish 曜 (days of the week) at Calendar section! Check it and count your days elvish-like!



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