Who is YOUR Fëanor?

Frodo! When you read this word, listen, say it…what comes to your mind? Exactly! It’s virtually impossible to dissociate the character with the image of the actor now as the movies played a huge part on bringing to life the whole world Tolkien created.

Before the movies, every single one of us had his own image of Frodo in mind. Possibly it was based in our own imagination of how a hobbit would look like, perhaps based on the already existing drawings and representations of Frodo, and the list can go on and on…

What does it got to do with Fëanor anyway? Well, as Frodo, Fëanor is a core character of one story Tolkien created. BUT….there are no movies/TV series (yet) that show us who is Fëanor?

Many people nowadays are expressing through art their own imaginations and how they see it. Some are very good, some are not. I wonder: Who is MY Fëanor anyway? And what about you? How do you imagine Fëanor? All the physical details that are not told by Tolkien, what are they like? Take a look at the multitude of images below and VOTE! Choose YOUR own Fëanor now!

How do you vote? Simple! Choose your Fëanor, click on it and write the comment “MY Fëanor!” As easy as it gets! No image is good enough for you? Ok, bring your own favorite Fëanor to the collection and let’s build up a well of Fëanor’s imagery!

Let the best “Silmarilli-greedy-maker-Telerin-killer-I-don’t-care-about-the-Valar-let’s-get-the-ffff-outta-here” elf win!



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8 responses to “Who is YOUR Fëanor?

  1. Don’t know why but it doesn’t add a comment when I click „Post“.
    I’d vote for „Classic Russian Fëanor“, but wait, why do you call him Russian and classic as well? 0_o
    (Haha, I’m Russian and my Fëanor is Russian too…)

    • I just checked and everything is working right! Click on the image, click on the icon comment, write it and click on post. I just commented one in the same picture you mentioned just to test it! Everything’s fine!

      Good you ask about the naming of Classic Russian Fëanor. First time I found that image was a long time ago (that’s why classic in my opinion) and it was done by a Russian in a site where I could read NOTHING at all (cyrillic alphabet) I can’t remember where exactly I found it. I just remember the site was .ru

  2. Anon

    As someone who created one of these pictures, could you maybe attach credit to the artists? It would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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