The Ultimate Elvish Tattoo Collection

This is an important post! It’s a warning to everyone who thinks to get some “elvish tattoo”.  Think twice, thrice, 264 times before you get a tattoo in a language or alphabet you don’t have enough knowledge to read by yourself. Here it’s a compilation of wrong tattoos. It will be updated constantly when a tattoo pops up deserving to be part of this collection. It’s a tragedy when someone who truly wishes to pay a tribute to Tolkien and his work, has a gibberish tattoo permanently inked on one’s skin. I weep for them! On the other hand, it’s really  funny to mock  those who want to show off how nerdy and well skilled in elvish they are with their “only-an-illiterate-elf-would-read-that-because-it-makes-no-sense” tattoo. So, please…whatever your motivations are to get something tattooed in Tengwar, please check A LOT before getting it. Perhaps learn a little bit how Tengwar works. It’s not hard. Quenya101 can help you to learn it! Behold now the ultimate elvish tattoo collection (the freaking bad ones):

What is wrong?

The common mistakes are:

  • Getting any Tengwar font and typing it thinking Tengwar would work exactly like the Roman alphabet displayed in the computer keyboard. The end result are always something like “sdghtrwfeyuhjk”. Surprisingly, people tattoo that!
  • Confusing Tengwar Modes and getting a tattoo for instance, in English with the writing rules of Quenya, Sindarin or any other language. It’s a detail, but it makes a whole difference. E.g.: instead of Fernando in Spanish, one might get Frenand o. People don’t pay attention to details and get them tattooed!
  • Choosing a Tengwar font (the worst for the job: Tengwar Gandalf) and not observing the tehtar positions for that particular font. There are some variations among Tengwar fonts. They are very small sometimes, but to the literate eye, they are clear to observe, they are right there! It’s lik ty pin g th is wya. See? People get tehtar weirdly positioned and have them tattooed all the time!
  • Paying someone to supposedly write something in elvish when clearly this someone has a very limited knowledge! Would you like to spend $30 to get some gibberish elvish writing and tattoo it? With our dear Starchamber site, YOU CAN! People spend money on that and they get tattoos without realizing the joke is on them!


…the golden rule is: LEARN before you get something tattooed! ASK someone who really knows what one is tolkien about! RESEARCH thoroughly in sources with linguistic credentials. There are many Tolkien linguistics studies who can be checked BEFORE you get some ink you’ll regret for the rest of your mortal life! I wish you all a healthy and well decorated skin!




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102 responses to “The Ultimate Elvish Tattoo Collection

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  2. Gaelle

    Heileo! I saw you do not translate into Sindarin Tengwar but I wondered if you had a contact or a website address of someone trustworthy who could? I’ve been waiting for years to get the tattoo I want especially because I’m afraid of bad translation. Your article was really enlightening! Namárië!

    • I do not, unfortunately.

      Maybe in the future, Quenya101 might come to deal a bit with Sindarin as well… maybe, perhaps…who knows? Stay tuned.

  3. Frodo

    “Honor Courage and Commitment” translation please

  4. This is hilarisad! People just want tattoos to make them look “cool,” but really, they’re just embarrassing themselves by demonstrating how little they actually know about the foreign language and how terribly lazy (or perhaps arrogant) they are to do a miniscule amount of homework to ensure it’s even correct! If you can’t be bothered to learn the very language you’re trying to use to make yourself look exotic and cool, at least be bothered to get the part of it you’re using right!

    Ahem. Now, I don’t get tattoos, personally. And I’ve only learned a few Elvish phrases and absolutely no Tengwar. But I have previously downloaded a Tengwar font and then attempted to type in it. I very quickly figured out that it was totally misaligned with the qwerty English keyboard and that it was far more complicated than I could be bothered to figure out at the time. Really, it took like 60 seconds maybe to figure that much out. Yet, some people can’t be bothered…. and they think that makes them look cool. Very baffling!

    And if I ever DO get a tattoo, and were to make it in Elvish, I’d probably spend at least two months studying Tengwar beforehand…. because there’s nothing cool to me about getting a tattoo in a script I don’t know the first thing about. Can you imagine if a Chinese person got a tattoo that said aadlkfj fgwreier jwnifkj glerig thinking it said “I am beautiful.” And then Westerners would look at them thinking “what in the fuck was she thinking? Yikes! Epitome of NOT COOL!”

    • Absolutely!!!!! Super agreed! It’s weird when people get ANGRY with you as you point out they got gibberish tattooed. I mean…am I the one at fault if you don’t know what you got permanently inked on your skin?

      Yikes indeed!

  5. slo

    hi can u pls write this “danielle forever” thanks in advance

  6. Kiera

    Are you able to write actual Elvish tattoo fonts? If so, I’d really like to request your work. 🙂

  7. Blenda

    Is there a place where I can make a request? Mine is not a famous quote, not in english =/

  8. Shannon

    I really want to get a tattoo in Quenya, I have been slowly researching it, but would it be correct to use a translation from something that you have already translated from your poems and prose page? Thanks!

  9. Effy

    I plan to make a tattoo… Just requested on this Tolkien forum, I’ll get the “words” in a few weeks, but hopefully I thought a lot about the possibility of actually getting something wrong so thank you a lot for this post, I started to research about it and for sure I’ll learn and check a lot before getting it tattooed. Thanks again.

  10. Jennifer Leggat

    How would “passion” look like in Quenya?

  11. I’m wondering if you could tell how can I write the word “Friendship Never Ends” or just “Friendship”would look like in Quenya??? Because I want a tattoo of that phrase or that word.

    Thank You!

  12. Tanja

    Hi there, I would really like to know what would be translation of this quote:

    “It burns, it rips, it hurts”

    Thank U so much!

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