Tolkienites II


Are you ready for starting your dynasty?

With great relief, after a long wait, Football season is back! As last year, I invite the ones who enjoy the sport as I do, to join the Tolkienites Fantasy Football League! Ok, ok, I know…most people from other countries don’t enjoy Football as much as they should (if only they watched and played the game, they’d know what it feels like) but this is the chance of mixing up two different worlds (Football + Tolkien), learn a bit with it and have fun in the process.

Here is the 2011 season almanac and how it went:


The 4 Divisions (North Arnor, East Beleriand, West Beleriand and South Gondor) totaling 12 teams (This may vary this year. More or less teams are allowed)

There is one empty spot up to this moment in the league. Come and join us! Here is the link: and the password to join is: quenya4u

If more people pop up to join, hooray…more spots will be created! No problem with that!

Tolkienites I Final Result


“But how can I join if I have no idea how Fantasy Football is played?” you may wonder. Here is a very easy to understand content with all you gotta know to start your Fantasy dynasty! Also, I’m here to help with that! If you wanna ask me anything about it, I’m gonna be pleased to help!

All the players from last year, log in at so you choose one player to keep at your squad AND don’t forget to get ready for draft in

09/02/12 8:30PM EDT




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3 responses to “Tolkienites II

  1. E quanto aos times? Tipo eu sou um time todo ou eu tenho que me juntar a outros jogadores?

    • Tu és o técnico do time. Escolha o nome do teu time e através do draft (I don’t know how to call that in Portuguese) tu escolhes também quais jogadores farão parte da tua equipe.

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