Live long and prosper, my dear Tolkien!

First of all: This is not a Star Trek/Lord of the Rings crossover. (Not a bad idea, though).

Second of all: To read this post, you gotta strip yourself from all you think about life, death and immortality sometimes dictated by religious dogmas.

Third of all and last: You gotta let your imagination flow….you know, that exercises “what if?”, alternate future and the like.

So…are you ready? Really really ready? Can we start? Here we go:

Two days ago, we held into remembrance the 39th anniversary of Tolkien’s death. But differently than last year we’re not gonna talk about death. Let’s talk about life! Let’s have an exercise! Imagine a world where everybody lives forever. Nobody dies. No mourning, no pain, no suffering for the loss of someone we love. So…for tonight this is our world. Well….then…Tolkien is alive right now! He’s a jolly young 120-year-old fellow who writes nonstop all the mythos he envisioned and brought to life himself.

Did you get the scenario? Did you? Here is the point:

Which stories would you like to read from Tolkien? Which stories do you think he would have written so far, over this 39 years he is absent from his desk? Here are some suppositions:

The New Shadow

In our alternate future, Tolkien has completed this new work and it tells everything about the Fourth Age and the Darkness cult created by Herumor and spread by his secret society.

The Black Book of Arda

In our alternate future, Tolkien himself has written this tale about the creation of Arda where Melkor tells his point of view, showing how unfair Ilúvatar was with his creativity and showing the evil machinations of all the Valar who wanted to hide the real truth from the Elves.

The Curse and Oath of Fëanor

In our alternate future, Tolkien brought to light minor details about Fëanor’s whole life (close to The Children of Húrin) since childhood, how he was born, raised and why he developed such a fiery personality.

The Fallen Island

In our alternate future, Tolkien writes a trilogy with all the History of Númenor since its foundation until the drowning with all major events such as the Rising of the first Ruling Queen, the changing to an Adûnaic restrictive culture and the coming of Sauron to the island.

Smoke and Shadow

In our alternate future, Tolkien writes a detailed account about the Maiar and the battle of wills among them when some were influenced by the Shadow of Morgoth and started taking horrible shapes such as giant spiders or demons of power.

Well…these are some options. What do you think? The mere playing with the idea gives such a warm feeling to the heart. Imagine a well-written full work from Tolkien being published every now and then, bringing new stories, concepts, views… elucidating doubts and questions we all have. (like: Do Balrogs fly?). Let us just dream for a while…



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6 responses to “Live long and prosper, my dear Tolkien!

  1. Caladithil

    I don’t know if the Professor would’ve written The Black Book, because he probably would’ve found Melkor’s perspective unappealing. I really like some of the other ideas though, such as Feanor and Numenor.

    • Perhaps you’re right. But it’s a very twisted and interesting plot to have the same story viewed through the villain’s eyes. I’d love to read such a story and maybe a lot of people would love it too!

      • Caladithil

        I agree that it would be an interesting concept to hear the story from the villain’s p.o.v. I would be interested in reading such a twist.

        • For sure! It’s sorta what we have with A Game Of Thrones. So many different point of views that you start to understand, agree and even root for the so called villain guy!

          I’d love to hear what Melkor has to say about his “cause”. 🙂

  2. I’m not voting, because I would read’em all!

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