Elvish School is OPEN!

That’s right! Thanks to your contribution, I gladly announce today (47 Yávië 140) the formation of the:

1st Elvish School class

We achieved this goal thanks to you and now here’s your reward: A new, never seen before, exclusive, nowhere else to be found (I’m really serious about that) material will be made available for the 1st Elvish School class. The money donated so far was used the best way possible. It was reverted to you! It’s not about my personal financial gain, it’s about the spreading of the Quenya lore. You donated, now you deserve it!

A new page will be created for this not yet available material. Unfortunately, there is no date estimate for that, but we’re all gonna have to be patient as uncle Yoda teaches us.

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Since the beginning of the Elvish School Project in 17 Lairë 140 we had donations from people all over the world. Some were interested in using Fast Line (which helped the cause too) and some were genuinely contributing for the Project. Among them I specially thank Linda Brown, Kastytis Zubovas, Goshia Orlowska and Paul Haigh. (When classes begin you’ll have a special prize…we’ll talk later through email)

The last donation counted for the 1st Elvish School Class was made in 09/10/12 at 12:30 and from this time onward, all donations will be used for the NEXT class yet to be formed.

1st elvish class students

Alexandros Giamogiannis / Alison Collins / Amanda Ferreira Lemes / Anne Taggart / Davi de Souza / Evan Fitzgerald /  Goshia Orlowska / Helene Jensen /  Jarid Bowman / Juan Francisco Ismael Manrique Huerta / Kastytis Zubovas / Linda Brown / Paul Haigh / Traci Fagan / Tyler Cotter

In due time, every single one of you will receive through email further instructions about the elvish class. I myself am very excited and anxious for our new material! Stay tuned and…




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15 responses to “Elvish School is OPEN!

  1. This is good news indeed! Congratulations! Waiting patiently to see what will happen next.

  2. Paul Haigh

    This is great news. I am really looking forward to starting.

  3. Pity that I got to know about this too late… But hey, congratulations anyway 🙂

    • Not pity and not “too late” AT ALL! Quenya101 is still open and RIGHT NOW, the next class is being formed, so why not take part? You can do it!

      Later on, when the 1st class page is already established I’ll give instructions how to join them for the ones interested.

      • Well, I’ve already made donation anyway, just later than was needed for the 1st class… so I suppose I’ll get to know about it the next time XD As for the “pity”… we, humans, often tend to want to get somewhere faster and to be in the first rows, right? That’s just it :))

        • Oh I see!!! Yeah…just a little bit late! But don’t worry because when 1st class material is here, you’ll know by the Quenya101 News and be part of it if you wish.

          But have in mind what Yoda says: “Patience a virtue is!” 🙂

      • That’s one of my good traits too XDD

  4. So this is only available via donation?

    • Just to clarify and avoid confusion on my answer:

      What do you mean by “this” and what do you mean by “available”? Explain me better your question so I can provide an appropriate answer for your doubt.

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