An elvish love story

This is a story of love. This is what happens when a boy meets girl and they are simply meant to be. Don’t worry if you haven’t met your boy (or girl) yet, have patience and surely there will be someone along the road which we call….life, and that someone will be just perfect for you!

By Ismael Seidel

It was a regular, nothing special day. But there was something different…there was someone different. A new girl joined my class. I don’t know the reasons, but her class was split and some soul chose her to belong to mine.

At that time, I was reading “The Sorcerer’s Companion – A Guide to the Magical World of Harry Potter”, taken from the public library. One day I tried to get the book again and someone else had already! To my surprise, THAT new girl was reading “my” book at high school. Sarcastically, I asked if she was enjoying it…but of course she couldn’t understand what I meant actually. Two weeks later, I invited her to be part of our group in a school project about oil.

On the following Monday, I received a proposal to change to another school. I did. Suddenly I got new friends, new place, everything had changed. I lost contact with the old ones. After 1 year and a half, I had a biology homework to do and I remembered that girl called Rafaela who loved biology.

I found her online and the chat took off! We talked so much and we ended up exchanging phone numbers and then the SMS started…..She was lovely but I thought she was out of my league.

A bunch of things were happening those days. Finished high school, I started dating another girl, university came, 4 years went by…we didn’t talk as before. I was too busy with my graduation papers, research and the like. Well, eventually college was finished and so was my date.

I had my dark days and a bunch of friends helped me out. One of them was Rafaela. I got in touch with her again and to celebrate our recently acquired degrees, we spent the Christmas Eve together. I gave her a gift, a plush owl which she loved and gave me a hug. With that hug, I realized 100% the feelings I had for her. By 3AM, it was cold and I touched her frozen hands in order to keep them warm next to mine. We spent 1 and a half hour hugged. Her heart was beating fast. It was a beautiful moment. Later I took her home and before she went out of the car, she said to close my eyes and gave me a shy kiss. It was perfect!

That was it! We were dating! In January, I even wrote a poem to celebrate our commitment.(which later I tried to translate into Quenya). By the way…SHE was the one who presented me for the 1st time,  a language called….

This is our love story and here I present a sneak-preview of my elvish gift for her to celebrate our love:

Wow…and…WOW! I bow down solemnly to Ismael Seidel, the talented author of this beauty and the narrator of his own love story here!

This was just a sneak-preview….the whole thing, pic by pic you’ll see soon here. Stay tuned!



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8 responses to “An elvish love story

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  2. That’s just awesome!

  3. What a fantastic story!!!! Really glad these stories keep happening in this place called Arda. All the best for you, Ismael and Rafaela!

    • They certainly happen, César!!! More often than we think!

      • I thought these guys were from the US…. but I say they are living in Florianópolis, Brazil, at the moment…. that is very cool because I did my last year of highschool over there!!!

        • Yes, they are from Brazil. I’m not sure about the city. I remember him telling me they lived in different cities. I’m not sure. Aren’t you from Mexico? Did you live there for some time?

  4. Ondo Carniliono

    Wow…. Just wow.

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