Introducing “The Mysteries of Arda”

This is a topic I’ve been trying to write about for a long time. It involves a little more research, so I never find enough time to do it. Now the moment has come to introduce an aperiodic series of posts: The Mysteries of Arda.

And about what will they be? Well, precisely about that: some things of Middle-Earth and beyond that we still don’t know for sure; questions that Tolkien introduced in his works, but left unanswered (at least in published material); doubts that arise to every Tolkien scholar, but answering can only be attempted; mysteries that make the Professor’s mythos as amazing as it is.

But this is not about “I-write-you-read”. Therefore, here I leave you a poll for you to choose what you wanna know about and discuss thoroughly. I present a few titles that I consider important, but you are free and encouraged to suggest your own. So choose what you want, and I’ll write in due time!




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11 responses to “Introducing “The Mysteries of Arda”

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  2. Traditionally in magic, particularly enchanted objects, they lose their power sulen dying wizard that charm, unless they were graven runes to maintain the spell after the death of the magician. You should include some spell to take energy from the environment to remain active.

    It is expected that with the death Sauron, the One Ring might be done. But it was not because Sauron left part of himself in the ring. Then when destroyed the One Ring, Sauron’s all magic was not cloistered low runes will fade. I guess Tolkien is consistent with the basic rules of magic even in this particular point.

    • He is consistent with a lot of things! No wonder he took so much time sketching, writing, reviewing, rewriting, being indecisive, resketching again, and the cycle goes on and on….:D…. There are around 7 different versions for the initial chapters of Lord of the Rings, just as an example.

    • That consistency is what many people (including me) most love about all the Professor’s work. It is reflected in Arda’s languages also: the evolution of each word from a primitive root; the different pronunciations and softness of sounds according to the highness of each race, etc etc. Every character, name or place has history behind, sometimes a huge one.

      Its amazing his gigantic effort not to leave any loose end in any part of his mythos! Imagine how The Silmarilion would be if he had been able to publish it in his lifetime!

  3. What about Dwarf women (why there’s nothing said about them, did they have beards?)?
    And the fate of Blue Wizards?

  4. moondog

    Why does the power of the Three Rings fade with the demise of the One?

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